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BonysLad 16-05-2005 03:47

Can anyone help with rosados ??
I know it's really anathma to serious wine drinkers but does anyone have any recommendations on rose, good quality available from the local supermercado's?

Bonyladette likes to have a glass at lunchtime but she finds the whites too acidic and red too heavy at that time of the day.

Be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks in anticipation.


Sara4 16-05-2005 17:54

What do you mean? Rose is a serious wine!!

Seriously, Red wine doesn't agree with me, I occasionally drink white but our wine of choice is always Rose. One of our favourites is Torres De Casta, which is dry but very fruity. Other favourites are Rene Barbier, Gran Feudo, Faustino and Bach. The Mallorcan Rose's are also really good although tend to be quite strong and very dark in colour, almost more like a light red. I can heartily recommend the rose wine by Jose L Ferrer and Macia Battle.
Tell Bonnyladette to enjoy her rose and never feel the need to apologise. I love the fact that I can go to a restaurant or shop in PP and enjoy a really good selection of rose wines unlike in the UK. Supermarkets are getting better in their selection, but if you go to a restaurant, then the only rose on offer is generally something very weak and sweet. The only exceptions are spanish restaurants in the UK.
Sorry, I'll go now as I can feel a rant coming on about the lack of rose choice in the UK!!!!


BonysLad 17-05-2005 03:33

Re: Rosados

Sorry, didn't mean to be disparaging re serious wine drinkers, obviously I've been exposed to too many wine snobs and not enough serious wine buffs !!!!

Many thanks for your recommendations, will be armed with your list on my next trip ( in about 4 weeks) and look forward to trying them with Bonyladette at lunch.

Thanks again, most useful

BonysLad:D :D

JH02JLH 20-05-2005 04:42

Re: Rosados
Hello Bonyslad and Sara4,

I agree with all Sara says. You could also try the Jaume de Puntiro rose which I saw in Mir (near the roundabout and famous for the owner who never stops smiling and laughing...)

I will have more to say on Mir later - we spent a fascinating time in there with me scribbling notes on a scrap of paper but the wine does tend to be expensive in there.

Hope you find something you like. Oh, and by the way, rose wines are gaining in popularity now, so don't feel as if you're not a serious wine-drinker!!


Sara4 20-05-2005 21:29

Re: Rosados
Do I get a gold star then Jane?

I will also try the wine that you mentioned - always on the look out for new ones to sample!

We've got another nine weeks until our visit to PP, but it will soon be here.


BonysLad 27-05-2005 05:44

Can anyone help with rosados ??

Thanks for your tips as well, will look out for this when I'm in Mir, Really only go in there for Kulhai (????) , you probably know that mexican black coffee liqueur that my sister in law puts in her vodka. There's no accounting for taste!!!!

Glad you enjoyed the square , it really has become quite a cafe society there in the evenings over the last few years and a bit more interesting than watching folk walking along the prom.

Go inside the Cultural if you're there off season for morning coffee, it's the local forum for all news, much better than the Bulletin

Bonyslad :D :

JH02JLH 27-05-2005 06:01

Hello Bonyslad

Do you mean Kahlua?? Coffee flavoured liqueur?

I've never tried it but it sounds interesting.


JH02JLH 30-05-2005 06:02

Back to Rosados
Hello Bonyslad,

I celebrated tomorrow's Bank Holiday (no work at all!!!!) by buying a bottle of Rose Cava in a Tesco Express.

I had imagined drinking it in the garden tonight, but it felt a bit chilly so I enjoyed it indoors.

It was very refreshing, quite dry but drinkable. It went well with our BBQ tonight.

During the summer months I do tend to crave something cold and fizzy and this hit the mark very well.

I'm sure you would be able to find a rose Cava in PP.


BonysLad 31-05-2005 03:47

Hi Jane,

Not really a great lover of cava sorry to say .
" I get no kick from champagne " as the great Cole Porter would say !!!!

Is that your photo on the website ?

Sorry it was too cold for your barby

Is that your photo on the website or have I had too much Tesco Merlot tonight ???

Bonyslad 8) 8) (trying out different emotions )

JH02JLH 31-05-2005 03:53

Re: rosados
Hello Bonyslad

Yes (sighs heavily) that's the real me...

As for champagne/Cava, I'm not really a fan either as I find it can be too dry.

I always buy the "demi-sec" as it's a bit sweeter. I love white wines that are on the sweeter side which is a bit unfashionable, I know, but I don't care!!

The rose cava was quite dry and I attempted to soften it up a bit by adding some of my homemade Sloe Gin. That just resulted in me falling over...


PennyWhite 30-07-2005 05:17

Re: rosados
Jane, didn't get too involved with your wine masterclass before we went and I regretted it, the wines are different there... we thought we could find our way round a wine list but found the reds a bit strong and southern dark red, and the rosado (which we are fond of in the summer, come on, we used to holiday in St Tropez! Rose is good!!) tended to be a bit sweet to us, in fact the sangria was too, is it a Mallorcan taste? Drank a lot of white and the reds were either a bit ouch strong and dry or absolutely fabulous, and of course by then I wasn't taking notes and can't say what was good and what wasn't! Had some absolutely amaxing stuff at C'an Guarassa, you know, I think that must have come out as our favourite restaurant one way or another!
People! Look at Jane's words and learn!!

PennyWhite 31-07-2005 23:50

Re: rosados
Was asked to a Pink Party recently and the choice was between Moet and Chandon Rose at 30 a bott or Tesco Pino Grigio Blush, guess what I took? Have been drinkiing a bit of it since, not quite a rose,but very drinkable and a very pleasant shade of pale pink on a summer's evening...

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