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Sparky 29-08-2012 09:26

Less wine this year
Disaster, will i need to start stock piling :eek:.
This article courtesy of the DDM La climatologa reduce la vendimia - Diario de Mallorca
GUILLERMO SOLER. Santa Eugenia The lack of rain and high temperatures that are occurring in summer are adversely affecting the harvest of 2012, as the grapes arrive at the winery with reduced graduation must even more. This was stated yesterday Servalls Ramon, director of Bodegas Macia Batle, during the traditional start of the collection of clusters on the farm of Sa Torre in Santa Eugenia. The event attracted hundreds of people and has become one of the most traditional dating Mallorcan summer.
According to the data that the wine industry, this year's grape production on the island will be between 25 and 30 percent less than that of 2011 and will be around half a million liters of wine to produce. No results will be achieved in 2010, the best year so far this century, and that in that cellar was 1,400,000 kilos. These data conflict with the forecasts made ​​in early August and pointed to this season would equal the results of 2011, but the heat and lack of rainfall have changed the results. Varieties inks two weeks ago that started the vintage with the collection of white varieties Moscatel and Moll, who are maturing earlier, and yesterday in Sa Torre continued the work with Merlot red variety, and very sunny, showing a smaller grain than other vintages. "The sunshine, temperatures and lack of water have to suffer the vineyard, which has had to smarten up nutrients and fresh looking, but the positives will allow us to make wines with high breeding and good quality, although to a lesser extent," said SebastiÓ Ruby, owner of Bodegas Macia Batle. However, in terms of the exports winery believes that the stock can output with "because that has not been a good season for European countries that produce wine, also due to the high temperatures" and "there is a wine growing demand no more than three euros ". Ruby SebastiÓ recognizes that "exports account for 15 percent of the production of our wineries" and that "the best foreign customers that we are the Germans who visit the island, but gradually they are adding Russian, British and Scandinavian" . Following collection of clusters in Sa Torre, it was time to rest and held a typical Berenar of Vermar, enlivened by a musical group.

marilyn 29-08-2012 17:53

Better make sure that Fran and I get there early next year!

Sparky 29-08-2012 18:08

Now that's what i am worried about :eek:;);).

Doogz1874 30-08-2012 07:59

I'll need to have a word at El Posito and get them to start adding extra ice into your glasses to make sure there's some wine left for the rest of us ! :p
Or maybe if I just get them to keep using the cheap summer ice over the winter & that'll spin things out enough ;)

Pollensa4ever 30-08-2012 09:30

"cheap summer ice " surely not please explain !!!!! Winter ice /summer ice ? I am now very confussled !!! I have been out October and noticed nothing more than that the ice took longer to melt lol

Sparky 30-08-2012 09:59


Originally Posted by Pollensa4ever (Post 75483)
"cheap summer ice " surely not please explain !!!!! Winter ice /summer ice ? I am now very confussled !!! I have been out October and noticed nothing more than that the ice took longer to melt lol

LOL!!!, it's a long standing joke between me a some of the bar owners. I only drink white wine and always have ice in it except when it's a wine with dinner, it was winter when we moved here, so come the summer, obviously the ice melted very quickly and i asked if they had started buying a cheaper version ;). It took a while for the penny to drop and we had a good laugh but at the start of every summer since the same question is asked and they usually inform me when winter begins that they have stocked up on more expensive ice ;):D.

Pollensa4ever 30-08-2012 11:06

PP sense of humour !!!!!! is Pure / absolutely 100% priceless !!!! for everything else there are other places !!!! LOLFENWMS

Lou x

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