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JH02JLH 14-10-2005 04:08

The PP Forum Wine Club
Tonight Portofan and I enjoyed a great chat whilst drinking wine (actually I coerced him into drinking it, but I think he was grateful!)

Anyway Porto was drinking the Howcroft Shiraz while I was enjoying the last drops of my Howcroft Cabernet/Merlot. So I got to thinking - what if we started an online Wine Club??

We could meet once a fortnight, at a pre-arranged time in the "Room" and all taste together!

Now don't get worried - I'll make sure the wine is not expensive and that it is widely available from the larger supermarkets - Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's etc.

And I won't expect flowery wine-speak either. When we meet up no-one will have to say anything if they don't want to but if they do, then that's great!

I will choose the wine (my perk!) and I will suggest a white and a red for those who prefer one or the other. However, if anyone wants to choose a wine or has one to recommend, go ahead!

If anyone is interested, has any questions or wants to send me some wine to try (!), please leave me a reply or send me an EZinbox message just so I can see how much interest there is.


its cd 14-10-2005 04:09

Count me in ......... just sent a message to your ezin box about this

JH02JLH 14-10-2005 05:15

Thanks cd, I think we have entered the Twilight Zone!!:eek

Spooky or what?? But as they say, great minds think alike!

Chat soon,

PennyWhite 14-10-2005 23:31

Sounds very interesting, but I am not always available or the computer isn't, so could notes be left on the Forum so we don't necessarily have to be drinking it at the same time?

mallorcaboy 15-10-2005 01:28

Hi Jane, could we also extend it to G&T tasting. Lots of brands to try!!8o

JH02JLH 15-10-2005 01:43

Hi Penny and Mallorcaboy!

I will accommodate anyone's wishes so yes, notes can be posted on the Wine Forum. You can then make up your mind about whether or not you want to buy the wine.

As for Gin - what a good idea! I'm not really a Gin drinker but I'm sure I can learn!

If you have any recommendations, Mallorcaboy, just let me know.

I personally know of two brands that are rarely found in large supermarkets- Citadelle and Brokers which are very good. Have you heard of them?

I would also like to try different vodkas and of course there's a small group of us who like whisky! :b

Oh the possibilities are endless!!!


mallorcaboy 15-10-2005 05:06

Yes Jane, I do have a recommendation regarding Gin,..."keep it coming":b

Snowy 15-10-2005 05:06

Jane being tea total could we also have a tea tasing club ??

JH02JLH 16-10-2005 03:33


Anything you want I can handle!!!

Tea? Earl Grey? Lapsang Souchong???:eek

You name it, we'll do it.

But you might be drinking it on your own!


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