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atters 03-08-2010 21:02

Buying Saua(Swow) back home
Hello all,

Thoroughly enjoyed a large glass or two of Saua (Mallorcan Brandy) at La Fortalesa whilst in PP for the last couple of weeks. Does anyone know where i can buy this back in England please?

If you like a drop of Brandy and have not tried this, DO. It has a really soft mellow slightly woody taste.

mike_dublin 04-08-2010 09:24

Suau / Bodega website
Couldn't find any Brandy Suau available on-line in the UK.

Here is a link to the website of the Bodega Suau (Spanish only) -

They have a contact page - see tab 'Contacto' - where you can fill out a form. Maybe you can ask them if they have a distributor in the UK?

P.S. Thanks for the info about the Suau. Will certainly give it a try next time I'm in PP

atters 04-08-2010 16:23

Thanks for the info Mike, will check this out when i get a mo.

Do try the Suau, especially in La Fortalesa if you can, where it was hand poured and certainly didnt comply with any weights and measures act!:)

mike_dublin 02-09-2015 16:33

Suau info above..

Tangoman 02-09-2015 16:42

Welllll, as I said to the wife, it would be rude not to try one (or two,or so......) now!!!

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