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star81 06-10-2005 01:17


Now back from my hols, fab time as always but feeling rather depressed by grey skies and cold temperatures. So am having a Spanish night on Sat night and need to make Sangria. So does anybody have any tried and tested (foolproof!!!) recipes to help to cheer me up?

Thanks !!

JH02JLH 06-10-2005 01:30

Hi Star81!

Glad you had a good time! If you have a look at this it might just help. Sounds pretty lethal though!


Or there is another recipe further down the Wine Section under "Summertime and the Drinking is Easy."

Hope you have fun!

robjay 06-10-2005 04:34

Hi Star81, I tried Jane's recipe, maybe I did I must admit miss out on a few of the ingredients, so can't say I'm an expert:lol .


robjay 24-02-2006 10:49

How about a live Sangria mix?
Jane you post the shopping list and we all make it up at the same time to one receipe?
Then we all sit back and enjoy Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Take care.


JH02JLH 26-02-2006 07:32

That's a good idea Rob.

Maybe the week after next, hey? ;)

Would be nice to bring back some summer memories.

(I missed this post as my beloved laptop has broken:( and I haven't been able to get online for a while. Now using an old home computer but all should return to normal next week. Ahhhhhhhhh!)

Jane :D

robjay 26-02-2006 18:19

Internet Sangria party :)
Give us plenty of warning. I for one will have to make sure I buy fresh ingedients:eek :eek :eek :eek :lol
I'm looking forward to this can we make it a Friday/Saturday night and we can make it a forum party with Tapas etc:lol :lol
Take care


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