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benjoe 30-03-2010 12:32

best house wine
red or white which bar/restaurant has the best house wine.

snowy2007 30-03-2010 18:47


Originally Posted by benjoe (Post 41651)
red or white which bar/restaurant has the best house wine.

I like the red house wine at Los Zarzales

debz1 30-03-2010 19:53

I would agree with snowy that Los Z house red is very good.

Also the house wine either white red or rose is very good at Stay included in the menu del dia at 32 . IMO the meal and wine cannot be beaten for quality and value:)

kate1 31-03-2010 09:08

Have had a good rose at La Llonja with the set menu - also really good value.

Gommar Goffer 31-03-2010 17:00

I would avoid the house wine in C'an Ferrar - however their prices a4re so reasonable that any wine on their list could be a house wine!!

GG :)

Pam and Dave 31-03-2010 19:25

O'lume has a really good house red which we've not seen elsewhere " Santana"

pollensa 31-03-2010 20:10

Stay & Olume are very good - avoid the one at Brisa Marina!

marilyn 01-04-2010 08:18

I agree that the best red house wine is at O Lume. My favourite white house wine has to be at El Posito.

sws97sdg 01-04-2010 11:15

The house red and white is good at Ca N'olesa, although we tend not to go for the house wine because for a few euros more you can have the local wines which are far nicer

Smiddy 01-04-2010 14:44

Aye! Santana at O' Lume is very nice, although i think Jaimes' fed up with me cracking bad jokes about guitar players:D

Lorenzo 02-04-2010 15:49

best house wine
The house red wine in Los Faroles is also very good and reasonably priced. :)

billyboy 03-04-2010 15:35

How much is a standard house wine ? approx

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