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JH02JLH 04-08-2005 18:05

Hierbas de Mallorca
I first came across this liqueur in El Posito when a bottle was placed on our table and we were invited to help ourselves.

To me it looked like thick olive oil but tasted delicious and reminded me of the French "pastis".

The version we had was sweet but I know there is a dry and "mixed" version. Am I right?

I looked it up on Google and couldn't really find a lot of information except that it is made with aniseed and various "grasses" and herbs.

We saw it everywhere after that and there is a huge selection at Palma Duty Free.

Any stories about this drink gratefully received but please keep them clean!


debz1 04-08-2005 18:15

Jane it is a great drink and I love the 'mix ' but find the dry
like fire water and the sweet very sickly. It's available in 3
varieties dry ,sweet or mixed although a lot of restaurants
only stock dry and sweet and simply mix them together !

I'm not admitting to anything your honour...but this drink
does come with a warning! On the back of the bottle in very
small print it says ' Drink in moderation ....you have been
warned !'

Unfortunately I only discovered this the following
morning...... :\


Portofan 05-08-2005 00:57

Re:Hierbas de Mallorca
Hi girls!

There was a good topic on this not too long ago.

Did we lose it in The Great Hack of 2005?

JH02JLH 05-08-2005 01:00

Re: Re:Hierbas de Mallorca
Was there, Portofan??

I don't remember it, so if I've duplicated I'm sorry. :o

Any tales Porto??


debz1 05-08-2005 01:02

Re: Re:Hierbas de Mallorca
I think great chunks of my memory have been lost after drinking hierbas! >D

robjay 08-08-2005 03:20

Re: Re:Hierbas de Mallorca
Jane, If I'm right there is a "sweet" type and a "dry" type. Most locals prefer to mix both. So you are able to buy a bottle of the "mix". I prefer both and have yet to try the mixed.


debz1 08-08-2005 03:35

Re: Re:Hierbas de Mallorca
Hi Rob

Caprabo stock all 3 versions!

Be afraid... VERY afraid ;)


robjay 08-08-2005 03:39

Re: Re:Hierbas de Mallorca

dunabel 11-08-2005 16:12

herbes (hierbas) de Mallorca
Here you are a wide information about this:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
(...) An aniseed flavoured liqueur with a geographical designation, obtained from the maceration and/or hydroalcoholic distillation of aromatic plants from the island of Majorca. There are three types: sweet, semi-sweet and dry.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Production data:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Year 2004:
Nš of producers: 9
Output: 1.162.669 L
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Regulation:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ordre of setember 30th 2002 (...)www.illesbalearsqualitat.com/dades_dr.jsp?id_pr=354

Sara4 11-08-2005 19:51

Re: herbes (hierbas) de Mallorca
I just don't get Hierbas.

Do you mean to say that people actually drink this by choice??

robjay 11-08-2005 20:05

Re: herbes (hierbas) de Mallorca
I love it Sara4, mind you I love drinking Raki too.


Quelys 12-08-2005 00:22

Great for digestion after eating - works every time (thats my excuse anyway!) Prefer the sweet myself (mixed and dry way too potent) and if ice left to melt for a minute not sickly at all.........mmm

debz1 12-08-2005 00:40

Absolutely perfect for aiding digestion .. wouldn't touch the stuff otherwise..I have to hold my nose and force it down ;)

robjay 12-08-2005 16:38

Debz I now have this mental image of you dressed in your finest after a very posh meal and finnishing it off with a nice glass of Hierbas de Mallorca:eek .:rollin
Take care.


debz1 13-08-2005 01:53

I do try to be discreet tho Rob...spoonful of sugar and all that ! :D

Chat soon


robjay 13-08-2005 18:10

Tell you what debz, In October i'll drink your Hierbas for you;)


debz1 13-08-2005 19:09

Rob if you're wearing your Magnum style hawaiian shirt I'll need a double to settle my stomach!! :)

debz1 18-09-2005 08:39

MMMM... Home one day and missing it already!:)

robjay 19-09-2005 06:03

I have two bottles of tunel sitting in the kitchen, that's one each ;) lol.
When you back out in PP again debz?

debz1 19-09-2005 06:49

I stood by the bottles of Hierbas in Caprabo the other day and thought ..mmm :) I'll take some home with me, then I hesitated (that was my first mistake) and said to myself if you do you'll drink it >D ..just one glass after my evening meal I reasoned wouldnt do any harm (purely to aid digestion of course ;) ). Trouble is one would just lead to another and another and then..........:eek .SO I didn't buy a bottle (that was the second BIG mistake) and now after just two days home I'm starting to regret my very sensible holier than though STUPID decision >:

So Rob it looks like I'll have to wait til October and hopefully raise a glass with you and Caroline..we are there from the 8th /16th

Take care

robjay 23-09-2005 22:11

Debz, we arrive on the 15th and have no idea where we will be eating but will no doubt have a drink or two in the square after. So keep an eye lol.
Take care

JH02JLH 22-01-2006 01:49

Whilst researching Bonyslad's "carob fortified wine" I came across this website, which should bring some pleasant memories to those who are yearning for PP at the moment:


There was some mention of Palo too which is a bit different and has a base of quinine...

Right, back to looking for the carob wine!

Jane :D

robjay 09-02-2006 05:50

I'm just sipping on a glass of Hierbes as I read the forum. Mmmmmmmmmmm the taste, It's like every happy memory you've ever had in PP MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Thank you for the website link Jane.
Take care.


robjay 26-02-2006 18:42

It was with sadness:rolleyes that I heard a fellow forumite admit that she and her good hubby had no supplies of this beautiful liquid left, what makes this story even more sad :\ :\ :\ was that these two forgot to buy fresh supplies the last time they were out there.
Now far be it for me to mention them buy name but I will accept their excuses. The time before last when they were out he was hammered for time the hole night and was flooded with worries,wasn't there Hoses (in the) marine hoose(Scottish for house) handy, their night was a washout and they had to be carried out before the night was over. the last time they were out they went for a weekend on the tiles (only 2!!! are they blue and white?:eek :eek :eek ) and ran grout of time.
Debzspite this I will be the hero to the rescue and allow you to look at one of my full bottles and maybe just maybe I'll allow you to sniff the vapours:rollin
All joking aside I look forward to sharing my bottle the next time we meet. I hope I didn't give your identities away:rollin

take care.


debz1 21-03-2006 22:57

OH Rob..How did I miss this?! only just seen it now and I'm ROFLMAO LOL :lol :lol :lol :rollin :rollin :rollin all at the same time!!

I'd love to know who you were talking about tho' ...they sound a right couple of nutters ;)

Take care


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