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waldeck 14-03-2010 21:27

Hello everyone

Thanks very much for your kind words of support.

It's raining hard here in Lincoln today and look forward to warming up on the awesome PP beach as soon as we can which will be half-term in June now.

I need to make sure I have the right stuff for my chill times on the balcony. What do you experienced folk reckon to the local wine, any recommendations from the hard core sniffers and spitters on the best red, white and roses.



Luckyone 14-03-2010 22:58

Vinyes Mortitx

Try this one 'Rodal' from Mortitx.com, excellent and local.


snowy2007 14-03-2010 23:23

At the wine fest in April if I can remember which wine was the best will let you know.
Yes I would also vote for the above wine.

Gommar Goffer 15-03-2010 12:41

Hello Waldeck - they are all pretty good, but, as with most things, you get what you pay for. One of my favourites is Mont Ferrutx from Miguel Oliver in red.

Take a trip out to C'an Vidalet vineyard on the road from the Cockrel roundabout in Pollensa to Alcudia, it's about 1 km along on the left hand side on a bend. There you can taste and buy.


JH02JLH 15-03-2010 12:55

The Son Bordils Syrah gets my vote every time, plus the Macia Batle white.

Sparky 15-03-2010 16:15

I will second the Macia Batle Blanco, without doubt my favourite when dining.

billyboy 15-03-2010 18:04

Macia Batle Blanco is it dry, sweet or medium

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