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Joanne 15-09-2009 23:08

Can Vidalet
I am sure I read a post on here with a link to a wine merchants in UK that sells Can Vidalet on line but I cant find the post, could someone help me and provide me with the link.

Thank you very much

med777 15-09-2009 23:15


Bodega Can Vidalet - Home

think there is more postings if u scroll down the 'wine and more wine' thread

Best person to ask is JH02JHL... pm her and I am sure she will be able to help


Belladonna 15-09-2009 23:19

Go to St Aubyn Wines . Im not sure if they still import though, as there have been problems a while ago and they may have now stopped.

They only imported the red though. Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 - 138 per case (11.50 per bottle).

Joanne 16-09-2009 06:02

Thank you very much

Gommar Goffer 16-09-2009 12:06

Hi Joanne - I was talking to CV earlier this year with a view to importing their wines, this is currently on hold until access to finances becomes easier!.

The winery manager told me that st Aubin wines did not want to import any more because the sales were so small and they were even trying to get CV to take their wines back!!

Hopefully I will have more news in the future but sadly I do not envisage being able to do anything till next year now


Belladonna 16-09-2009 14:25

I thought that was the case (pardon the pun). CV also mentioned there was a problem with breakages in transport to add to the hassle.
I know there are a few independant suppliers interested but as you say, nothing settled yet so we will just have to keep going over for our bottles!

Joanne 16-09-2009 19:28

That's a shame thought I had a few Christmas presents sorted

marilyn 27-09-2009 09:34

Has anyone been to the winetastings at Can Vidalet?

Gommar Goffer 27-09-2009 11:22

Hi Marilyn - I have not been to any formal tastings at Vidalet, But if you just turn up I am sure they will have wines on taste and be more than happy to talk to you.

The young German lady who is the manager there is very knowledgable and her English is outstanding.

I could not beleive how young the winemaker, he must only be in his mid 20s but does a very good job



A340 28-09-2009 17:14

Hi Marilyn, my wife & I visited Can Vidalet in september 2007. We took a taxi to the vineyard which is very easy to find & arrived about 11 o'clock in the morning. No booking was necessary, & after a tour of the premises & an in depth explanation of winemaking by the owner, we were able to sit outside on the shady terrace taste 3 reds & 3 whites with accompanying olives & biscuits. I can't remember the exact price but I'm sure it was about 3-4 euros per head. Good job I pre-booked the taxi for the return trip to the port.
I understand Mortitx(?) vineyard is also worth a visit.

marilyn 29-09-2009 08:26

I will definitely give it a go. I am out with large group of friends in November and thought it would be both an interesting and very pleasant activity. Thanks for the tip on pre-booking the return taxi!

kate1 01-10-2009 13:43

Update on supply of CV...
Have just exchanged emails with St Aubyn and I mentioned that people on this forum had heard they were no longer going to be importing CV wines - here is their reply: 'We still have some stock left and may start again next year with their new stock, it is still slightly up in the air...'

They have always imported white as well as red, albeit in smaller quantities. This year they have no more Chardonnay left - sorry, think I snaffled the last of it! - but they still have some reds available and 'heaps of Blanc de Blanc'.

Belladonna 01-10-2009 13:59

Thanks for the update Kate, may look into that now then.

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