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kate1 23-04-2009 09:51

Pollensan white
While we were in Pollensa over Easter we tried a really lovely Chardonnay at La Llonja which I think was actually made in Pollensa by Ca'n Vidalet. However, that particular evening was a bit of a blur due to the size of the G and T served to me earlier at the Juma... does my memory serve me correctly, and if so, does anyone know if this wine is available in the UK? It's the first time I'd seen it on a wine list.

I also noticed that a few small vineyards had been very recently planted around Pollensa... perhaps there is an ongoing campaign to encourage wine growing in the area?

Belladonna 23-04-2009 12:19

Yes you are right! Its one of my favourites that I found early on when the vinyard was quite new. Again, if you google C'an Vidalet you will find out more about them and also about their wine tasting offers. I did google for their wines in the uk last year and came accross someone who does actually import and distribute here. The prices were not high at all, although obviously a bit higher than buying a bottle in PP! I cant remember offhand who it is, but Im sure if you did the same you would find them. Obviously they only distribute in cases, but I dont see that as a problem!!:p

Sparky 23-04-2009 18:09

Yes i love Ca'n Vidalet, nearly always have a bottle when we go out for a meal, if it's on the wine list. :D

kate1 24-04-2009 10:51

Many thanks for this - am just off to Google!

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