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Portofan 10-03-2005 03:18

Own up time
Hi readers!

Time to own up and tell what wine if any you are having tonight or even last night.

We should all be on Spanish and even Majorcan to support our favourite island.

No porkies now! Tell it as it is!


JH02JLH 27-05-2005 04:27

Own up Time
Ever since we returned from PP last week I have wanted to sit in the garden with a drink, but because of the poor weather we have been unable to.

Tonight, though, was perfect and we sat on our little seat in the sunshine - me with a chilled glass of Cava (KAB - it's your fault) and hubby with a bottle of McEwan's Champion Ale.


I tried to re-create one evening in PP when we sat on the balcony of our hotel with a cold bottle of Freixenet from the Supermarket Llenaire, but it wasn't the same. No beautiful seaview.

Roll on August and a bottle of Cava every lunchtime!!


jiggy 02-08-2005 07:27

Re: Unknown
Hi everyone
just finishing a bottle of 'Blossom hill' californian red. trying to cut down drinking but wifey dosen't help, she only has 1 glass, so i've got to drink the other 3 :rolleyes .
i'll have to try again tomorrow! life's a b*tch :lol

JH02JLH 03-08-2005 06:09

Re: Own Up Time
Hi jiggy!

Thanks for re-starting this post again!

It was heading for the best-seller lists when the fatal day arrived and virtually all of the posts were lost. :\

And there were some great messages on here as well so it's nice to see it has been revived, though a bit leaner and meaner.

I know Portofan mentioned a Spanish rose tonight when we were having a wee chat so I'm hoping he will post his findings on here.

I drank a very pleasant Moscatel de Valencia tonight and it would make a perfect aperitif. I was lucky enough to sit out in the garden with it and enjoy the evening sun but I'm sure this wine (and grape variety) will be available in PP so you can enjoy the Mallorcan sun whilst drinking it.

It was slightly sweet but at 12% I knew I was drinking it! It could also be enjoyed with a light summer pudding.

Here's to more summer days!

jiggy 08-08-2005 09:01

Re: Own Up Time
Gone spanish tonight, stowells tempranillo, nice, & and good value at 3.99 at somerfields
will try some other spanish wines before i go IN 19 DAYS!!!


Sara4 11-08-2005 19:52

Re: Own Up Time
Had a rather lovely bottle of Faustino V rose last night, which we brought back from our holiday.

All that was missing was the view of the bay - (deep sigh!)

JH02JLH 14-08-2005 17:35

Re: Own Up Time
I meant to have posted about this wine the other evening but didn't!

Burra Brook Grenache Rose 2004

From Australia and 5.29 from M&S.

I chilled it lightly and we enjoyed when my parents came to visit the other evening.

At 14% it is no lightweight and we enjoyed the raspberry flavours. We also found it very fresh and "zingy"!

M&S recommend it lightly-chilled and its great with duck terrine, pate, grilled chicken and pasta dishes.


Portofan 28-08-2005 19:59

Re: Own Up Time
Hi all!!

Two weeks since there's been a post on wine.

It is holiday time and some are even in sunny climes right now!:D

I cannot believe there is no lovely summer wine being quaffed at the moment and neither would Jane!

So time to own up!:lol :lol

Or we will get what for when Jane comes back!!:lol :lol

PennyWhite 28-08-2005 20:00

Re: Own Up Time
Trouble is we are in blighty and summer has finished.....
typical bank holiday here sadly. Back to the Cotes du Rhone and winter reds....

debz1 28-08-2005 20:43

Re: Own Up Time
Just done 3 hours of gardening and about to make lunch..hot and sunny here in Bucks. I think my hard work warrants opening a bottle of something chilled, perhaps Vina Sol, to sip in the sunshine 8) (as if I need an excuse !! )

robjay 29-08-2005 18:48

Re: Own Up Time
Well here's my excuses.
since getting back from PP a week yesterday I have been up to my neck in work:\ . I have 2 jobs and both have been non stop. right now i'm on nightshift, but during a meal with caroline last night (before going on duty) I got to inhale the aroma of a nice ros'e that she had opened Mmmmmmm, I had a glass from a rather cheeky bottle of Adam's Wine bottled at Brita :lol . Roll on the weekend and I can put my feet up;) and sample something nice.

Take care


JH02JLH 10-09-2005 03:51

Re: Own Up Time
Jaume de Puntiro 2002 - Mallorca

I really felt like drinking wine from Mallorca tonight and after three days of abstinence I needed a treat!

I opened the wine about an hour before we drank it with one of those Tesco Finest beef dishes.

I immediately thought of cherries and it was lovely,smooth and fruity with just a hint of tannins. It went very well with the beef dish.

The Jaume de Puntiro is made from Manto Negro and Callet grapes and comes from Santa Maria del Cami.

We bought it in Mir in May for about 10 euros.

Please keep the "own ups" rolling in!
Jane:D :D

Portofan 10-09-2005 17:14

Re: Own Up Time

Honest Jane!

Abstinence over!

We have all so much missed your "fruity" contributions!:lol

its cd 11-09-2005 02:00

Re: Own Up Time
As some of you already know, I have just returned from 2 weeks in Italy ( more about that later, will post about it in the Tapas Bar )

Spent most of the second week drinking a really nice wine. Well I remember it as being really nice, didn't bring any home because cases were already back breakingly heavy ...... and we all know that sometimes that lovelly drink we enjoyed on hols is something different once you get home ...... but I will describe it as I remember it

We stayed in Liguria, the wine was called

Riviera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C. - ROSSESE

and it was made from grapes grown within 2 miles of our hotel by a local family.

Now I am no wine reviewer and I am no expert I just know what I like and what I don't like .... so here goes

It was a light red, with an almost translucent ruby glow. It had an intense , quite perfumy aroma but and when you first sipped it , it tasted very light and gave the impression you could drink it down quite easily with no effect ....... but you soon realised you needed to treat it with a bit more respect, it had quite a strong after taste that stayed with you for some time ....... an interesting combination of something that slipped down like a soft drink but left you feeling you'd drunk something quite full bodied. Anyway, I loved the stuff

Can't get it here though ......... apparently they only make 7,000 bottles a year and sell them in local shops and to local hotels

JH02JLH 11-09-2005 05:02

Re: Own Up Time

Have you seen this?

I agree with you about bringing wines home! We've fallen into that trap before! Something happens to them en route!

Look forward to reading about your Italian holiday


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