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debz1 19-01-2010 13:24

I realise that sparky I just didn't know the name of the cocktail waiter ...but I do now :) ;)

Sparky 19-01-2010 13:25

Mi hablar nada ;)

debz1 19-01-2010 13:33


Originally Posted by Belladonna (Post 38522)
Ah, but you cant expect Debs to remember everything can you! LOL!;)

Especially after 6 Mojitos :confused:

Sparky 19-01-2010 13:42

Oops!! we crossed posts there Debz, i was answering Bella.;)

Portofan 19-01-2010 17:13

Sparky, congrats on the new avatar!:)

Bella, you been buying any new shoes recently?

Not that there's owt wrong with your avatar!;)

when you're in a hole Porto, stop digging!:eek:

Belladonna 19-01-2010 20:08

LOL! I shall stick with the saying "If it aint broke, dont fix it!" But you have got me thinking!;)

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