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sandy 10-03-2006 02:14

Re: a good night
I'm with you Belladonna. Let's show these northerners that southerners can have fun too !

debz1 10-03-2006 02:25

Re: a good night
Hi sandy and belladonna

The venue was northern but not all of the 'mottley crew' were !

Im an 'arrow on the 'ill girl originally and I was there!:D


JH02JLH 10-03-2006 02:53

Re: a good night
I agree with Debs - I think it was almost an even split between north and south...

And in fact that was why it was so difficult finding a venue that suited everyone.

Roll on the next meet!

Thanks to Porto for providing the minutes... I know it was a tough job, Porto, but someone had to do it ;)

Jane :D

Portofan 10-03-2006 03:32

Re: a good night
Well thank you Jane!

Just hope the Minute Secretary is one of these rotational jobs!;)

I see Winkie is getting a hammering these days!

Oh and bye the way "Ah jest loved dem Southern Belles"!!:rollin :rollin

chelseadons 10-03-2006 07:11

Re: a good night
The Northern ones weren't so bad either Porto !!


Enjoyed the minutes and OK by me too !

robjay 10-03-2006 07:18

Re: a good night
ok I need to get this straight before I get any more confused.
Down Souff is where and extends to where?
Up Norff it's from where to where?
Odd thing this but I thought the midlands were the Midlands because the were in the mid
So if in the UK Manchester is up norff where is Glasgow?
I thought that the venue that was picked was picked because it was mid-way between everybody >D equidistant, 4 hours drive from London & Edinburgh.
I'm off to bed all this maths and geography is mixing me up:\
Take care.


sandy 11-03-2006 00:14

Re: a good night
According to my reckoning Robjay, Glasgow is more norffer than Manchester, and isn't sarf anywhere sarf of the Watford Gap ? :p

Belladonna 11-03-2006 00:50

Re: a good night
Well I'm a Londoner born and bred so anywhere north of London is NORTH! But however you set the borders, it means nothing if we dont all know the venue!!! - Not meant in a nasty way but if we each have a "buddy" to contact if they havent managed to get onto the chat room for some time (guilty as charged!), then Im sure more of us could get together! As long as partners could come too, coz I'm shy! ;)

JH02JLH 11-03-2006 01:58

Re: a good night
Hi Belladonna,

This was the first meet of it's kind (I think) in the UK (although Debs and I try and get together for a coffee as we live quite near each other).

The reason behind the weekend was for people who regularly chat in the room to meet and get to know each other better.

It would be great to have more meets and they don't necessarily have to be for the weekend. It could just be a meal in a restaurant or drink in a pub if members live near enough.

Also, partners are more than welcome and I have to admit it was great to see their bemused looks as we all launched into forum gossip! But I'm sure our partners understood where we were coming from and they were having just as much fun chatting as the regular members. It was great for them to make new friends as well.


chelseadons 11-03-2006 09:23

Re: a good night

I don't understand ? Is there something the otherside of hadrians Wall ?


Belladonna 11-03-2006 20:36

Re: a good night
Totally see where you are all coming from - except Chels coz shes got a strange accent! (Joke!!!). Trouble is not knowing who lives near who (or whom?) THose of us who e-board each other and are therefore quite trusting (!) could obviously be a bit more open if required. Understand the long standing forum members have an advantage over relative "newbies" but hey, we all gotta start somewhere! P.S. Sarah, check your mail!!!! :eek

debz1 11-03-2006 21:26

Re: a good night
Last time I looked Chels was certainly not a she!! ;)

Belladonna 11-03-2006 22:20

Re: a good night
I stand corrected!:o Confusion and little inside info main excuse!! :(

Snowy 12-03-2006 03:13

Re: a good night
Debz chealseadon said can you remember that far back

robjay 12-03-2006 03:45

Re: a good night
Chelseadons my friend in answer to your question "Is there something the otherside of hadrians Wall"
Can I suggest you ask the English rugby squad and all their loyal fans :rollin They came, They saw, They were concured:lol
It must have been a long sad journey home:lol
Take care.


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