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Belladonna 11-03-2006 20:36

Re: a good night
Totally see where you are all coming from - except Chels coz shes got a strange accent! (Joke!!!). Trouble is not knowing who lives near who (or whom?) THose of us who e-board each other and are therefore quite trusting (!) could obviously be a bit more open if required. Understand the long standing forum members have an advantage over relative "newbies" but hey, we all gotta start somewhere! P.S. Sarah, check your mail!!!! :eek

debz1 11-03-2006 21:26

Re: a good night
Last time I looked Chels was certainly not a she!! ;)

Belladonna 11-03-2006 22:20

Re: a good night
I stand corrected!:o Confusion and little inside info main excuse!! :(

Snowy 12-03-2006 03:13

Re: a good night
Debz chealseadon said can you remember that far back

robjay 12-03-2006 03:45

Re: a good night
Chelseadons my friend in answer to your question "Is there something the otherside of hadrians Wall"
Can I suggest you ask the English rugby squad and all their loyal fans :rollin They came, They saw, They were concured:lol
It must have been a long sad journey home:lol
Take care.


pops 12-03-2006 05:01

a good night
being English but with an Irish father, just like to say I bet the Irish had a good journey home today.



Portofan 12-03-2006 06:54

Re: a good night
In reply to pops

Hmnnn! tonight!

As Penny W would say!

A week is a long time since our walk in the snow last Saturday ! ha ha!


pops 12-03-2006 19:26

Re: a good night
ahhh porto

You know i was just teasing. just trying to wind another Scot up!! and i did enjoy our walk in the snow last week.

still friends? lol


Portofan 12-03-2006 23:14

Re: a good night

Of course!:lol

Well I had a walk in the snow this morning!

We have about eight inches here so lots are digging cars out and so on. Plenty big kids building Snowmen.:D

And the snow is spreading south.................

Snowy 13-03-2006 03:29

Re: a good night
Porto not that far south >D

Portofan 15-04-2006 20:33

Re: a good night
Not so much under the "a good night" thread as more under "own up" , I post this confession.

Principally as there have been no posts under wine for two weeks, what has happened to everyone??8o

So to the own up!:rolleyes

Last night we very much enjoyed a bottle of Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut and savoured just spinning it out for a while. it had come as a pressie recently and the donor was toasted appropriately!:eek

Any other own ups guys?? and gals!!:lol

sandy 15-04-2006 23:32

Re: a good night
Laurent Perrier Rose. Now you're talking. This is my most favourite bottle of bubbles. I don't understand the reason for spinning it out though. What's wrong with two !:b

Portofan 16-04-2006 01:30

Re:a good night
Hi Sandy!

Being honest it didn't last long before we scoffed it all.

Some people who read these posts and post themselves can be very pass remarkable where one might say one finished the bottle very quickly!


JH02JLH 17-04-2006 04:40

Re: Re:a good night
Huh!!! When you were scoffing your Laurent Perrier Rose, I was drinking Tesco Cava, enlivened by a dash of creme de cassis.

How the other half live...


Belladonna 17-04-2006 22:56

Re: Re:a good night
Love L.P. Rose! Runard just has the edge though (Im not sure if that is the correct spelling?)

We bought all the ingredients for a Singapore Sling which cost a fortune. Tried 2 different recipes but still couldnt get the same taste as the one we had actually in The Long Bar - it was great fun trying though, and will keep on until we get it right! :x
Have tried the official one thats on the web but have since found out that they tend to change it anyway!!
I have been looking for lime juice but can only find lime cordial - Im sure thats not the same - so have used fresh lime juice. Does any one actually do lime juice in a carton?:rolleyes

debz1 17-04-2006 23:48

Re: Re:a good night
You can buy lime juice the same as Jif lemon juice but it's not the same as fresh (probably got preservative in it)

I would always use real limes for all cocktails and mixes..lovely clean sharp taste.

Keep on trying :D


Belladonna 22-04-2006 02:08

Re: Re:a good night
Thanks Debz - used fresh limes. still cant get the flavour the same, I think the recipe uses more gin than they did at the hotel and as I cant stand gin its not working for me! Lifes tough!! ;)

debz1 22-04-2006 03:14

Re: Re:a good night
Hey belladonna can I ask a silly question? Why are you making Singapore Slings if you don't like gin??? :\

Belladonna 24-04-2006 19:31

Re: Re:a good night
Does sound as if Ive lost my mind doesnt it?? We stayed in Raffles Hotel in Singapore a couple of months back on the way to a wedding in Australia. Whilst we were there, you just have to have a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar - i had fully intended just to have my photo taken sitting there holding the glass as I knew it had gin in it. But when I tried it - it was absolutely delicious - so was the second one! Couldnt really taste any gin at all. I think its because they make up such a large amount in jugs that they dont really make it as alcoholic as a single drink recipe - but even knowing that, we still cant get it right, and now im going off it at a rate of knots!!! :x I have even e mailed the hotel, but no answer :b

robjay 24-04-2006 19:42

Re: Re:a good night
As a lover of Mothers ruin. Belladonna I can't believe you don't enjoy a tipple or two. It's got to be Gordons (Princess margarets favorite;) Gordon's, jim's , harry's infact anybody's that wasn't watching :lol ) (Whoops their goes my Knighthood) Just don't add that Tonic stuff, that's only good for one think.

Fresh orange, bitter lemon or ice are perfect partners.
Take care.


Snowy 24-04-2006 20:32

Re: Re:a good night

You are in the wrong job you know so much about everything your talents never cease to amaze me.

When are you getting the job in the Spanish Bull Ring shoveling up Bulls S**t.


Belladonna 24-04-2006 22:17

Re: Re:a good night
Sorry to dissappoint you Rob, but cant even stand the smell of Gin let alone the taste! Now, champagne, thats another matter! :b

its cd 29-04-2006 05:51

Re: Re:a good night
Just been bought a 6 pack ( sorry Jane I am sure I shouldn't refer to wine as a 6 pack but I obviously lack breeding ! ) of Torres .... 2 each of Gran Sagres de Toro Reserva 2001, Gran Coronas reserva 2001 and Cran vina Sol chardonney 2004 ...... tried the Toro tonight .. very nice

robjay 06-05-2006 01:27

Re: Re:a good night
CD...........................A lady after my own heart!!!!!:lol I wish you'd have ordered the wine at Mama's!!!!!!!
Take care.


jiggy 27-08-2006 07:55

Hmmmmmm, the last post on this thread was IN MAY!!!, surely we cant all have gone tea total!:eek .
We had friends around last night (see, i do have some:lol ) and they brought around a lovely bottle of Wolf Blass, Presidents selection, shiraz It went down very well, mmmmm.
Also, just bought a bottle of Mc Williams 'hanwood estate' Cab Sav . i,ve only had one glass, but so far so good. its lovely, mmmmmmmmm again. I'll let you know how the other 3 glasses went down later :x

sleepybobby 28-08-2006 05:47

thot i wood sey sumfing aboute wot i bin drinking hic hic need to wate tomorra wen i sober up hic

JH02JLH 28-08-2006 06:35

Hi Sleepybobby,

I can't wait to hear what you've been drinking...can I have some too?

As for me, I bought a ten litre bag-in-box of red from the wine shop as we were having friends around on Saturday night (who work with me in the shop).

I now have a 9 litre bag in box to drink as they all decided to have a beer!

Any suggestions as to what I do with it? (Clean please...):lol


bonez1977 28-08-2006 07:07

I'm enjoying a nice bottle of Soave from the local shop!!
All to myself... i know it's cheap ... but so am i!!! lol:lol

How did the other 3 glasses go down jiggy?
and Sleepybobby what were you drinking!!!

love bonez x8)

JH02JLH 17-11-2006 04:45

Charles Black Chenin Blanc Viognier 2005 - South Africa

Just lately I've been craving white wine and last night the wine I opened to go with some chicken was corked. Hubby and I argued about it all night but it was - there were no fruity aromas coming through, just a "woody, musty" smell that told me all was not right. My husband is actually typical of many customers who don't recognise a wine being "corked".

So he battled on with it while I opened something else...:lol

Anyway, I went to Tesco's today and picked up this bottle for about 8.

It was very fruity, quite dry and delicious to drink. The difference was how fresh it was compared to the wine we opened last night.

Chenin Blanc and Viognier are two of my favourite grape varieties and I loved this wine. We drank it with grilled pork and roasted veg...Mmmmmmmmmm:b


debz1 17-11-2006 07:53

Jane I've got a husband who can never tell when a wine is corked ! I am now the official wine taster :)

In September when we went to the restaurant in PP square, the one next to the church,that we were talking about yesterday ..Los ??? we had a corked bottle .The owner took one sniff of the cork and very quickly replaced it without any fuss. I always feel embarassed to send a bottle back, which is silly I know, as there is nothing worse than to have your meal spoilt by a horrible tasting wine. Am I correct that 1 in 5 bottles are corked?

The restaurant was a first for us this year and excellent :D ..I just can never remember the name of it :\


jiggy 30-12-2006 11:07

Re: Re: Own up time
Drinkin' wolf blass again, cab sav. By the way Everton won, 2-0 at Reading, a great result i think, should have beaten boro too :(

Somerfields have got some lovely bubbly from 9.99, for the new years eve bash. goes well with some nice music, by the way , i just got 'Radio 1s Live Lounge' for xmas, its great!! and.. Meatloafs Bat out of Hell 3, a must if you like Jim Steinmans productions.

But staying on topic, Prince William Premier Cru Champagne 14.99!! bargain!! i think i,ll get a couple of bottles for the party!!:x
Happy partying everyone!!:)

Belladonna 30-12-2006 21:37

Re: Re: Own up time
Ooops! Finally gave in to the champagne last night - started at 5.30 and finished at 2am! Felt great at the time, but somehow during the night, I had accepted tickets to go and see Charlton this afternoon. The match has started and Im typing this - so guess who didnt make it! Also, can anyone tell me why I dreamt of spiders all night long??!! :x

debz1 30-12-2006 23:05

Re: Re: Own up time
Oh bella you naughty thing! I love champagne at the time but it does give you the worst hangover ..even the good stuff :| and I can imagine how you are feeling today :( >D :| :x

Dreaming of spiders eh??!! Hmmm Freud would have an answer as to what it means but not sure we could talk about it on here ;) !!!

KILLIAN MCCORMACK 01-01-2007 01:27

Re: Re: Own up time
Ahhh Jiggy,
We obviously have the same great taste in many things.....music....great footie teams and wine too. You can't beat the old Yellow Label Wolf Blass.....or any Wolf Blass for that matter....or any good Aussie Shiraz or Cab Sav:lol .
drank alot Wyndham Est Bin 555 Shiraz myself this Christmas....love the stuff. Had a fab Rioja on Christmas day Summa reserve 98...really good also enjoyed a Chilean Adobe which was good too .
Watched Spurs lose to the reds while enjoying a bott of McGuigans Gold lable....great wine terrible result! We wos robbed! We still have the Eufa Cup:b
Particularily enjoyed my wine this Christmas while listening to the "Love" Beatles album and Oasis "stop the clocks" which came from Santa ;) .
Anyway hope everyone I know here has a wonderful 2007!:)

its cd 03-01-2007 00:02

Re: Re: Own up time
had some Castillo de Calatrava Reserva last night which had been bought for me a pressie

It was very nice

looks like I'll have to :rollin wait until Feb to go tea total:rollin

Make that March ..... I have just seen that Sainsbury's on line have the Castillo de Calatrava 1996 Gran reserva half price at 29.99 for a box of 6

jiggggy 13-12-2009 02:39

This is one thread thats got to come back to life. Last post was 2 years ago!!:eek: Are we all teetotal? :rolleyes:

So, what are we all drinking? i'm (still) on a Wolf Blass yellow label :D

Gommar Goffer 13-12-2009 12:39

Last night was a Bianco del Veneto - light and crisp with a refreshing fruitiness and a Concha Y Toro 'Trio' Merlot, Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon blend - full bodied, smooth and fruity and amazing value at 6.95 (if you get it from me!)

Just got to decide what to have with the pheasant tonight now :confused:

GG :)

alcanadakid 13-12-2009 17:09


Originally Posted by jiggggy (Post 37670)
This is one thread thats got to come back to life. Last post was 2 years ago!!:eek: Are we all teetotal? :rolleyes:

So, what are we all drinking? i'm (still) on a Wolf Blass yellow label :D

We are Wolf Bass fans too especially the Chardonnay. Our white wine preference is still the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs such as Nobillo, Oyster Bay or Montana. although for a special occasion we like a Pouilly Fume. For red our favourites are the Chilean Merlots and occasionally a Fleurie. Chateau David, a claret, from Sainsburys is one of our favourites too.

I know I will take a lot of stick for this, but we cant get on with Spanish wine but then it is down to ones personal taste. The reds are OK..ish but the whites .. Oh! We drink them, but only because there is very little else here.

I guess the real test is what we have for Christmas Lunch. We wlll have a Fleurie and a Pouilly Fume, preceeded by Piper Heidseck Blue label Champagne which is incredibly good value at Sainsburys at the moment

jiggggy 13-12-2009 19:30

Great choice of vino there, alcanadakid. Most of my favs are Australian too, plus a french Chateau n du pape of course. I think on the big day we'll be having a WB chardonnay, or maybe a Chablis. Then in the evening its got to be C n du Pape, all washed down with a glass of Port .:eek:
I too am not a massive Spanish wine fan, they just dont seem to be full enough for me. Tho Jane recomended a great Sons Brolils a couple of years ago.

alcanadakid 14-12-2009 14:57


Originally Posted by jiggggy (Post 37699)
Great choice of vino there, alcanadakid. Most of my favs are Australian too, plus a french Chateau n du pape of course. I think on the big day we'll be having a WB chardonnay, or maybe a Chablis. Then in the evening its got to be C n du Pape, all washed down with a glass of Port .:eek:
I too am not a massive Spanish wine fan, they just dont seem to be full enough for me. Tho Jane recomended a great Sons Brolils a couple of years ago.

I forgot about Chablis Jiggggy, that is also one of our favourites. Pricey but worth it

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