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its cd 11-09-2005 06:46

Re: Own Up Time
thanks for the link Jane , very interesting

I remember being given honey rum once in the canaries and thinking it was so great that I brought 2 bottles home ........ not really very good at all, thougt we may need to throw it away, until I hit upon the idea of adding it to the mulled wine for our bonfire party ........... it was wonderful, we used the second bottle fo rthe same purpose the year after .......... so you see everything has its purpose

JH02JLH 31-10-2005 07:31

Re: Own Up Time
William Cole "Colombine Reserve" Merlot 2002 - Chile

I pulled the cork on this tonight to go with our roast and it is worth trying!

I bought it in Tesco Calais but I'm sure it is available in most stores (will check tomorrow when I go and buy my Campo Viejo Reserva) and was not more than about £4-£5.

At 14% it's no lightweight but it coped with our roast pork well.

I noticed that slight characteristic "runner bean" taste of Chilean Merlot and there were a few tannins there, but it was very warming and would go with most red meats.

I would let it breathe for a while before drinking, maybe half an hour to an hour should be fine!


jiggy 04-03-2006 00:09

Re: Own Up Time
Ernest Julio & Gallo 'Coastal vineyard' cab sav
Someone bought me a bottle of this as a present, so we drank it last night with some brie & crackers (see i know how to live it up!:lol )
It was beautiful, i,ll have to find it in the supermarkets, as long as its not too expensive :eek .
Any ideas where to find it ,jane

JH02JLH 05-03-2006 22:56

Re: Own Up Time
Hi jiggy

Have a look here...

By the way, you missed a great night...


jiggy 06-03-2006 01:53

Re: Own Up Time
Thanks for the link jane, i.ll have to get some soon.

Sorry i missed you all last night. Come on, spill the beans, did anyone get really drunk:x

chat soon

debz1 06-03-2006 01:59

Re: Own Up Time
;) That would be telling!!!

JH02JLH 06-03-2006 03:45

Re: Own Up Time
Ho ho ho!!!!!!!

It was the Hierbas de Mallorca at 2am this morning that proved the final straw...:x

Porto's trousers will tell the tale...and the fact that we nicked all the glasses from the breakfast buffet to drink it from...

Oh, a good night!!!

Jane :rollin

its cd 06-03-2006 05:38

Re: a good night
When is a good night a great night

good company, Hierbas de Mallorca and borrowed glasses

Snowy 06-03-2006 06:09

Re: a good night
Hi Guy's so glad you had a wonderful time, I raised a glass to you all and wished I could have been there, alas not to be who knows next time maybe.

Potofan I leave you alone for 5 minutes and what happens, great you guys well done

Portofan 09-03-2006 00:39

Re: a good night
There has been some reference recently to “The weekend”.

The weekend for most people is the time for rest and relaxation and some Forum members have done just that last weekend and got together for a chat , and some “Eating and Drinking” together, but not in PP or the old town..

“Own up time” is probably the best topic to post under and it was arranged to comprise some regular visitors to the Chat Room, most of whom have been regulars from the inception of chatting on this Forum.

Doesn’t this sound so boring!:\

It was agreed to hold the meeting in a North West England resort and no not The BIG BRASH ONE!:eek

Now I am not going to say who attended, they can say themselves, some already have owned up, and it would appear have “grassed” me up!>:

Some went for two nights and some for one.

Let me describe the main event in the format of a Minute of “the meeting”.

This was to commence at 7pm on Saturday night in the lounge of a hotel. However it was reported to the meeting at 7pm that one of the “mainstays” had appeared at 6.40pm indicating that they would be late in joining the meeting having been on other business for the day and would join some time later. This was accepted and those present agreed the meeting be adjourned while relocating to the next venue.
A hostelry with more acceptable tariff!:lol

Members and associates plodded through the snow ice and slush.:\

The new venue was reached and with little formality the next business was quickly concluded. Who was to get the first round??

Matters progressed aided by ..ahem more rounds!:D

Then the belated mainstay appeared. Some more business concluded.ha ha! And off we adjourned again to an Italian Restaurant. Sorry not Spanish but there you are.

At this juncture it must be reported that an associate and a Member had ascertained the location of the restaurant earlier and reported that it appeared to be a single storey building with an intimidating appearance and that customers were seen being taken in dressed in orange boiler suits and manacled a la Guantanamo so the meeting was somewhat apprehensive, but philosophical given the alcohol availability.

So again adjourning we made our way to the place and were warmly welcomed, by the owner, Italian and his team of Italian waiters. Were they from Salford or Warrington or Liverpool, don’t know.:rolleyes

Orders taken, wine orders placed, Red Italians and off we went, all discussing Forum business. And believe that if you will !

Interestingly most attendees were trying their sparse command of Italian on the waiters with some amusement. One Forum member said their Italian vocabulary ran to sixty words. Come on xxxx you are joking!;) :x

There were even some photographic records made!!! Ha ha ha!!!:x

The bill was settled and the meeting adjourned again , by this time 1am.

Back to the original hotel, oh dear the bar was closed for the night but somehow a member produce a large bottle of Hierbas some of which was spilled. Well at least it was not blood that spilled.:lol

What went on in that final stage of Any Other Business?

Well that’s for you to imagine!:rollin :rollin

Would there be another such meeting?

Yes almost certainly but that’s for you to attend and see and participate!!:rollin :rollin

The meeting was closed shortly after 2am and was voted a success.

PS. Next day most plodded home with the thought “What was that all about?”;)

PS2. Personally I found it great fun to meet fellow Forumites and their "associates". Putting faces to names and not hitting return or mouse clicking is a lot quicker but there again when you ask "Got a drink xxxx?", it is more costly than in the Room!!:eek

Snowy 09-03-2006 02:49

Re: a good night

Having read your report I am glad I did not make it, not my scene at all, being Tea Total and having to stay up till 02:00 and miss out on my beauty sleep.

Also not to keen on eating my dinner with knitting needles and wine with the meal what’s up with water, and that Hierbas green stuff, reminds me of an ambulance man’s uniform.

Glad you all had fun, and super report, and I know who was there.
Shhhhhhhhh you know who.

;) ;) ;) ;)

its cd 09-03-2006 03:05

Re: a good night

May I be the first to accept the minutes of the meeting, wish all participants the best of luck with any matters arising and wait with baited breath for the date of next meeting.

Belladonna 09-03-2006 08:04

Re: a good night
Is this a North / South divide?!
Southerners / Londoners raise the flag - or glass - and lets try to work something out !!

pops 09-03-2006 21:41

Re: a good night
Is it just me or did anyone else understand the comment re eating his dinner with knitting needles?
I can understand if it was a chinese meal but Italian?

Portofan 09-03-2006 22:21

Re: a good night
Hi pops!

Spaghetti like wool and Snowy not good with the knitting needles obviously!!;)

Rest of us seemed to manage!!:eek

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