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clinkham 16-07-2016 23:49

Mallorcan Wine in Manchester
My daughter spotted this on the shelves at M&S in Manchester this afternoon. Unsure of the quality/cost ratio, I'm an Aldi Malbec man myself :)

Excuse the wobbly writing, just had my bottle of Sam Smiths Imperial Stout as a Saturday night treat :eek:



steve&marilyn 17-07-2016 14:00

Can recommend,have done for a couple of dozen over the last 12 months but has been out of stock down here in the fens recently. Buy a couple of each and relive those romantic pollensa evenings sitting by your shed.

Molt de Renou 17-07-2016 14:10

What, with Imperial Stout's ?

Mark 17-07-2016 22:08

Also on the M&S website in cases of 6 with free delivery.

Macia Batle at Marks & Spencer

very tempted as it's my wife birthday very soon and I know this would be appreciated :)

Gommar Goffer 18-07-2016 10:04

we have a 4 of the Macia Batle wines at Rollings Wine (hope I can say this Spary!)

sws97sdg 22-07-2016 19:08

Just got a bottle here in the deep south , it's wonderful, so full of flavour and it's suitable for vegans too!

clinkham 23-10-2016 21:53

Wine of Mallorca in M&S
Just been browsing M & S before their latest 20% off promotion ends at midnight 24th. Ordered a new shirt (-20%) and continued browsing.

I found M&S are still offering this Mallorcan wine:

Macia Batle at Marks & Spencer

Kept my eyes open for this on the shop shelves (and thus a single bottle purchase) but nothing since July.

Is this find an excuse to get a case in for Christmas??............:confused:

A M&S customer comment:

Mallorca's Second Best Kept Secret!
10 November 2015
Quality 5 / 5
Value for Money 5 / 5
This is Mallorca's second best secret! Travelling to Mallorca often, this wine is our Top of our Pops. Like most wine lovers, we are always in search of the Holy Grail, tasting many wines, and many disappoint. We keep coming back to this. A wonderful, smooth, very agreeable wine, with a hint of oak. Many wines hide poor quality behind oak - this does not. The Macia Batle Crianza is the one that wins all the awards, including International Gold Awards, however, even in Mallorca it is twice the price of this "anada". Worth trying when in Mallorca though, but we prefer this.
As other reviewers have mentioned, the Macia Batle bodega is also worth a visit if you are in Mallorca as it is just outside the tourist centres of Deya and Valldemossa. The latter being where Chopin spent a forgettable Winter last century.........and Mallorca's 1st best kept secret? ............well for those in the know, it is Mallorca itself!
Well done M and S, although the secret is out!

pollensa 24-10-2016 10:34


Great news! Your favourite wine from Mallorca - Macia Batle - is back in stock at M&S.

Just visit Macia Batle at Marks & Spencer :) for a half-case of Santa Maria Del Cami Binissalem Mallorca Do 2015 - or buy 2 and Save 25%!

sws97sdg 24-10-2016 11:17

we have been lucky to have it available in our local one must of the summer when they have also been running an offer for 25% of 6 bottles of wine and also including Estrella Galica beer as part of this :):)

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