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JH02JLH 29-06-2005 05:14

Sparkling Tempranillo
I wandered into a nearby Co-op tonight to see what they had in the way of fizz and I bought a bottle of red Sparkling Tempranillo for just over a fiver.

I have drunk red Australian fizz before but this is Spanish and is made entirely of the Tempranillo grape (as used in Rioja).

I chilled it then opened it before dinner - don't even think of pairing it with heavy meat dishes - it would be perfect with tapas and in particular Spanish hams or spicy sausages.

It looked like fizzy Ribena but was dry and refreshing and would make a good alternative to the usual cava or sparkling wine.

Perfect for a summer's evening in the garden with good friends and good food!


pollensa 29-06-2005 05:15

Was there anything else, particularly red, that you'd recommend at the Co-op? We realised tonight that we'd overdone it on the whites & are running low on red. Our normal weekly shop is at Sainsbury's but I often pop in to the Co-op at lunch times & they always have special offers but I never know what to choose.

Will try the sparkling tempranillo anyway.

JH02JLH 29-06-2005 05:21

Hi Pollensa!

I just made a bee-line for the fizz, I'm afraid, as it was so hot here this afternoon that I really craved something cold and fizzy.

However, if you see anything worth buying, please let me know! I don't often go into the Co-op but next time I'm in I'll check out the shelves!


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