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AKI 19-07-2002 04:58

Snorkelling equipment
My family are holidaying in Puerto Pollensa at the end of July and I would like to buy new snorkelling equipment for the holiday. Is there a shop which sells good snorkelling equipment in Puerto Pollensa or will it be cheaper/better to buy in the UK?
Can anyone also advise where the best place to snorkel will be?

console 04-08-2002 20:41

buy them out there
If you do want "good" equipment then the only places in the UK that will sell them will be proper dive shops and they arn't that easy to find here and they can be quite expensive.

In Mallorca there are loads of beach shops that will sell the cheap equipment that will probably last the holiday but probably won't survive until next year.

There are several dive shops out there selling the better equipment and will be able to advise you on what to buy. Scuba Mallorca is an all english run shop and so will be able to help. But if you like snorkeling then try scuba, most places run "Discover Scuba" sessions that let anyone (over 8) try out scuba diving in safe, shallow water with qualified instructors.
They can also take people out just for snorkeling trips but you will see so much more actually diving than with a snorkel on the surface.
Try looking at Scuba Mallorca's web site.
I spent almost all of my holiday with them last week and it was great!


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