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joey36 08-09-2013 11:44

Boat in bay
Anybody know anything about the large boat moored in the bay?

1999 08-09-2013 14:56

Hello Joey 36....... I believe the boat is called Far Far Away.....it is showing moored at the start of the bay on marine tracker......details of the boat can be found on the Internet........earlier this week a super yacht was moored in the same position....called Leander......owned by Sir Donald Gosling....and if you read this mornings Daily Mail they were hosting Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall.....all allegedly so to speak !!

joey36 08-09-2013 16:23

Thanks 1999

clinkham 08-09-2013 21:42


Originally Posted by 1999 (Post 88278)
..called Leander......

Listed on Marine Traffic as "Leander G". Leander search produces a motley collection of oil tankers and dubious tubs from Ghana. Leander G still seems to be in Balearic waters, though at the opposite corner of the island.

gers1873 08-09-2013 22:49

the leander is picking me mrs gers and the youngest bluebell up at portencross pier by west kilbride in a week or so its a bit tatty looking her idoors says the carpets need a good hoover and the helideck needs moped down think i will be busy on way to pp

clinkham 09-09-2013 01:29

Check out the link below to view Leander acting as 'Royal Yacht' at Ellesmere Port last May,with pictures of HRH embarking after a visit to Liverpool.


You may need to 'sign up' to view - a painless process if you would like to view some nice snaps of Leander.

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