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tibbles 28-08-2011 18:44

Bike hire in PP.
Cycle Hire information :Good evening - 2 weeks today we 'll have arrived in PP and settled in to the Hotel Singala. - wonderful !! My husband hired a bike for a couple of days in July from Alcudia - long story why Alcudia so won't bore you- so wonder if anyone could recomend a good bike hire shop close by in PP. I read a thread about a local hire shop who were not very helpful or caring. John fell off his bike in July and cut his face quite badly due to a wheel out of balance and the shop were very kind - provided him with better bike without further charge etc. Grateful for help and infor. Mrs Tibbles

PS If I've posted this in the wrong place I'm sorry - hopefully it is in Walking and Cycling ?? Tibs

Sparky 28-08-2011 19:09

Hi Tibbles i have moved your post into a separate thread because i think you will get a better response. You will find a number of hire shops here Walking, Cycling in Mallorca - Majorca

tibbles 28-08-2011 19:46

Thanks Sparky - look forward to some good info. Hope we can meet up when we are out 11-16 sept. ?Tibbles

Sparky 28-08-2011 19:54

That would be nice.:)

Tomir 20-04-2012 18:32

Hello Tibbles I am thinking of hiring a bike when we come out in July. I actually prefer walking but thought a bike would be a good and easier althernative. It was a shame your husband had his accident. I wonder if you did try a hire bike from Pollensa and if so if you received a good service. I also wonder about the condition of the bikes and if they are maintained as your husbands story is a worry. Perhaps I should keep to using my feet. I would be interested in hearing your experience if you did find a local company thank you.

cumberland8 20-04-2012 19:09

By far the best bikes in the Port are Pro Hire, heading to Alcudia on beach road just before bridge with fish below.
Run by an English couple , superb service with superb bikes.

Tomir 20-04-2012 20:08

Thank you Cumberland. Is that the bridge near Tolos? Is it on the actual beach road and obvious? Sorry to ask but having only been a few times I'm not exactly sure.

Tomir 20-04-2012 20:13

I spoke to my boss about renting a bike and was told that someone who rented actually bought one in the hypermarket near Palma. Apparently it was cheaper to buy (as they had an offer on) then to rent. They then sold the bike to someone they met on the beach before the end of their holiday. Sounds a good idea if the plan works.

Sparky 20-04-2012 20:21


Originally Posted by Tomir (Post 70442)
Thank you Cumberland. Is that the bridge near Tolos? Is it on the actual beach road and obvious? Sorry to ask but having only been a few times I'm not exactly sure.

Tomir it is in Temple Fielding, before you come to the bridge and Tolos, turn left by the Sail n Surf and it's on the left.:D

sws97sdg 20-04-2012 20:35

Is that almost opposite BarMed Sparky?

Sparky 20-04-2012 21:12

Yes near enough SWS ;).

vincent 24-06-2012 13:55

Hired a bike from Pro Hire for my first week here. All good so far. It's their most basic cycle but still a Trek hybrid. I'm a keen but not pro cyclist and have got it more for getting around than any serious cycling but did head out this morning and ended up in Alcudia before cycling back along the coast. Lovely route with wide cycle lanes most of the way..

roryboy 24-06-2012 19:19

Tibbles: Bruce at Procyclehire should be able to sort your husband out with a well maintained bike that fits and suits him. I've hired approx 60 bikes from him over the past 5 years for clubmates, and he really does take the time to make sure the bikes are in tiptop condition whether hiring for a group or individually. It would also be worth buying the wee map of the area and go and explore the back roads, wonderful place to cycle..... Enjoy.

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