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whaleywanderer 28-03-2008 12:04

Walking to CSV
We too love CSV and in the past have always either taken a bus or taxi there, we have heard that you can walk but have never found out how (or where). Can anybody give us directions from PP? It would be nice to do the walk for a change. Is it a gentle, moderate or tough walk?

(I've moved this last post on CSV to the walking section as there are already several posts here on walking. Hopefully someone can post with the latest situation & brief description of the route - otherwise there are some very good books at http://www.puertopollensa.com/Books2.html#walking - webmaster)

sws97sdg 28-03-2008 13:08

Hi Whaley
If you look at the thread in the walking section below you will see under cala san vincente posts about the walk, but if would be a good idea if we could have an update for this year to see if the path is still open, as I know there were issues last year.

Mariquita 01-04-2008 13:27

We walked the path on Sunday (30.03.2008) and there were no problems with access. It was open all last year too.

Directions for walk to Cala St Vicente

Start from roundabout on sea front (next to taxi rank)

Walk up main Pollensa road to the petrol station.

Just before the petrol station on the right hand side, turn into street Carrer de Cala Sant Vicenc

At the end of this street you will see the ring road.

Cross over at the pedestrian crossing and head straight into Carrer de les Roses.

This street forks at the end. Take the left fork and follow the road where it will take a sharp right hand bend and then continue straight to the end of the street.

You will see the hills ahead of you at the end of the street and the road name is repeated (Carrer de les Roses)

Turn left here and walk along the road (there is a crash barrier to your left and a wall to your right).

Take the first turning on your right. There will be a metal sign on the wall saying SILLER and there should be a wooden signpost saying Cami de Siller al Coll de Siller (if it hasnít been taken down again).

A short way up the track there are three pathways.

Take the middle path (ignore the no entry symbols) which has a breezeblock wall on your left and a stone wall topped by wire fencing on your right.

The path leads you past a house where there are double gates open just enough for one person at a time to pass through. Ignore the Propiedad Privada Prohibido El Paso sign as this applies to vehicles only.

Follow the track up through the pass. You will join a rough wide track at the top. Follow this until you come to a massive roundabout.

Take the second path to your right on the roundabout
There is a wooden sign saying Cami del Port de Pollenca a Cala Carbo

Follow the track down into Cala St Vicente

If anyone wants to PM me I can send a Word document containing photos.

pollensa 01-04-2008 14:28

Brilliant Mariquita. Just what we needed. Thanks very much.

Webmaster :)

allanglens 01-04-2008 15:09

Walking to CSV
You can actually follow most of the path and work out the route on Google Earth. Its easier to start from CSV, and 'walk' back.


Sharonh 01-04-2008 21:52


Thank you for taking the time to post such detailed directions. I might give it a go the next time we are out!


Zurdo 02-04-2008 11:05

Hope you're a lady(bird) Mariquita 'coz your nickname is Spanish slang for something completely different ;) Great post though.

gpm 17-04-2008 00:06

Walking To Csv
HI, Great directions. but how long does it take to get there. gpm

Mariquita 17-04-2008 08:41

It depends on how fast you walk and how often you stop to take in the views, but I would allow around an hour and a half each way.

Linzzzz 21-04-2008 20:58

Thanks for posting this - I've always wanted to take this walk. I've cycled there before but will look forward to the walk next week. :cool:

lobsterpots 10-09-2008 22:44

Walk to CSV
Is this path/track still open to use?

Mariquita 11-09-2008 08:11

Yes, the path is still open. We walked over and back on Sunday.

snowy2007 18-09-2008 19:02

Please can someone confirm that the path is till open

pollensa 18-09-2008 22:05

Hi Snowy,

in the post above yours Mariquita does say that they walked it last Sunday so I'm sure it must still be. :)

Hamcas 22-09-2008 10:01

We did the walk last thursday 18/9/08 and it was quite busy, we met approx 20 people on route, got the bus back to PP after refreshments.

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