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wiggyman 07-08-2019 21:29

Ebike hire and routes suggestions
Hi, we're out next week and thinking of hiring ebikes for a day to explore the area a bit ore than we have before, does anyone have any experience of hiring them in the port and any route suggestions. I had tentatively thought of gettig the boat to Formentor and exploring round there ( don't fancy the road all the way as it gets busy), or go toward Alcudia and go up the opposite headland from PP. any thoughts much appreciated.

ChrisW 08-08-2019 17:10

Re: Formentor. The only rode to explore is the one to the lighthouse, which after 10.00 in the am is closed to traffic and is really nice. It is still quite hilly from Formentor beach to the Cap so may sure you have plenty of charge.

The other side is really nice, a bit hilly but nothing like the big hill the Formentor side.

You can ride along the front, then back through the Ecovies. I'll try and dig out a route for you.


ChrisW 08-08-2019 17:17

Ok, going out:


And back:


I don't know how ambitious you want to be, but there are miles of lanes in the triangle between Pollenca, PP and Alcudia.

The trip to Cala Sant Vicenc is also nice but the road is a bit narrower and busier.

If you need more or further, let me know, i have piles of these loaded!


JPALCOVER 08-08-2019 19:56

From Pollensa go to the Lluc monastery via de Col de Sa Femenia, then go down to Campanet via the Col de Sa Batalla and back to Pollensa. Well worth it and no trafic congestion (unlike road to Formentor Lighthouse)

wiggyman 09-08-2019 18:09

Thanks for the replies I think we'll have a bash at For enter and the other side of the bay over a couple of days ��

ChrisW 12-08-2019 13:52

Wiggyman, let us know how you got on!


wiggyman 13-08-2019 18:47

ChrisW, will do, may even gothe Formentor as opposed to for enter!

wiggyman 24-08-2019 11:52

Many thanks to ChrisW here's a qquick update on our bike ventures, we hired 3 Giant Fathom mountain bike style ebikes for €35 each from Bike Island Mallorca on Calle Formentor, just behind the Daina hotel. Excellent service from the Florin and Jonathan. I've no previous experience of ebikes, but we found them really good, easy to ride without the assist on, and fantastically easy to ride with it on, we did the ride ChrisW suggested around the bay to Allcudia as far as the prohibited section towards the lighthouse. We hugged the coast as much as possible which was part beach path and part paved, and covered just short of 40km overall. The electric assist made getting up the inclines really easy, but you still have the feeling of riding as you have to pedal for the motor to kick in. The bikes rolled very smooth, if a little noisy as the tyres are very wide and chunky, but they gave great grip on all surfaces, we all felt very comfortable at all times on all surfaces, even at speed downhill. All three bikes came back with 3/5 of charge still available having used the assist on various levels depending on the incline. We enjoyed ourselves so much we're going to hire them against and take the Cap Formentor route next, and my wife wants us to look at buying an ebikes when we get home.
I'll do another update after our next trip.

ChrisW 25-08-2019 22:40

Brill, enjoy Cap Formentor, it's a beautiful ride!

Take plenty of water, last time i was there they were charging 3 euros for a small bottle at the cafe :eek:

JPALCOVER 26-08-2019 05:30


Originally Posted by ChrisW (Post 127728)
Brill, enjoy Cap Formentor, it's a beautiful ride!

Take plenty of water, last time i was there they were charging 3 euros for a small bottle at the cafe :eek:

And make sure you have good lighting on your bike to go through the (unlit) tunnel!

wiggyman 30-08-2019 18:55

Well we're back from our 2nd trip to Cap Formentor, and what a fantastic day we've had, same bikes again and same great service which included a bike being swapped over due to technical issue with the motor kicking in, turned out it was the speed sensor which is on the back wheel, it had worked its was loose and was stopping the motor kicking in, had to cycle fro the Cap back to Formentor beach to get a phone signal, call the hire guys, and they had a replacement bike out to me within 45 mins, very impressed and happy with their service,and really nice guys to boot. We left the port about 9.30, not too much traffic on the way up, loads of people at the viewing point at the top of the hill where we took in the wonderful views, then off to the cap, which after the Beach turnoff was wonderfully quiet, probably one of the nicest rides I've ever done, lovely fragrant smells off the plants and trees, plenty of goats precariously perched on rock cliffs, and stunning views over the bays. Nice refuel stop at the cap, 3 pastries, 2 coffees and a can of Kas ( there's 3 of us ) for €20 which is OK considering the logistics of getting stuff out there IMO. Then back to Formentor beach for lunch and a rest, then up and down back into port having had one bike changed over. 25 miles covered in 2hrs 44 mins, max elevation 727ft and total of 3994ft gain. No bad for a 59 who only usually does a flat cycle once a week of 16 miles and 54 year old plus 15yr son who only cycle occasionally. I'd advise anyone who is uncertain about being able to do it, go for it with the ebikes, you'll love it, we will certainly do it again next year.

clinkham 30-08-2019 20:15

Wiggyman: Your report has almost, but not quite converted me to two wheels.:)

ChrisW 30-08-2019 22:13

Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it.

That ride to the Cap and back is one of the loveliest in Europe.

Quite often i set off to do that, my wife drives to the beach and i stop and join her on the way back. Makes for a lovely day.

Until of course, i have to go back up over the hill :eek:


wiggyman 31-08-2019 10:51

We did appologise to a few proper cyclists that we overtook on the hills !

wiggyman 31-08-2019 10:52


Originally Posted by clinkham (Post 127787)
Wiggyman: Your report has almost, but not quite converted me to two wheels.:)

Aww come on, I'm on commission and need to pay for next years hire

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