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Rockape 06-08-2019 15:59

Electric Scooters
It seems the alarming rise of electric scooters on the cycle lane may soon be massively reduced. The police have been stopping the large green scooters being hired in Alcudia and used for family excursions, as they need to be approved and registered and the users have a driving licence.

I think the normal looking ones are so dangerous, as people ride them at high speed and have no ability to stop quickly. Some even ride them with young children standing in front of them. Utter idiots!

bobley 07-08-2019 14:25

It puzzled me as to how anyone ever thought they legal at all?

They dont have pedals, they exceed 25kph and are more powerful than 250W (I would guess) so they dont comply with E bike rules. They're like mini motos - private land use only.

I wouldn't mind one to be honest just to nip to the shops but I'd expect to register it just like a low power moped in Holland (they have blue number plates and are cycle path legal)

Luckjon 07-08-2019 16:16

I am surprised that there does not seem to be any lower age limit for using them. Currently four boys (British I think) have been causing mayhem along the front in the Sis Pins area with their speed, weaving in and out of pedestrians and tricks being performed. None can be over 12/13. Utterly reckless.

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