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mopezone 23-04-2019 10:45

Walking in Ternelles?
I come to the Pollenca area every year as a base for some walking/hiking (and the Wine Fair!) and always try to do the walk through the Ternelles valley.

As many of you will know, this is owned by the dreadful March family, who over the years have used the full force of their wealth and the law to prevent/discourage people from walking on their land.

In recent years it has been the Town Council of Pollenca which has been able to issue 20 permits a day online for walkers to access Ternelles, and this has worked well for us.

I now see that as a consequence of some law suit last June, the Council can no longer do this, and the issuing of permits is being done by another organisation, in Campanet. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to access Ternelles on Monday or Tuesday, and the time of access has been reduced to 0930 to 1500. The website in question:


also talks about 'guided visits' and a 'minimum of 4 people'.

Can any dedicated walkers flesh all this out a bit for me? What is the current situation? Do you have to participate in a guided visit? Do you have to be a party of 4 or more?

Many thanks!

bobley 23-04-2019 13:01

Yes, you have to stay with a party. It's tooth achingly slow. You can only walk along the main trail to Cala Castell and we didn't even make it down to the water.

The guide was a strange little man who has fairly extremest ecological views. If you don't like bird watching it'll be worse.

The best entertainment was watching his response as every none english speaking folk in the group asked one by one when we get to go to the castle (which you cant). He got so wound up.

We tolerated it once, it was more of a must do activity as it was the last landmark bit of Pollenca scenery my late wife got to enjoy (last oct)

Maybe you'd enjoy joining a working party and go along a cut a tree down at El Pi.

Ps - There was only my wife and I in our booking, we joined another 10 people on the tour. You dont need to register 4 people yourself.

mopezone 23-04-2019 17:11

Thanks for the quick reply Bobley - I'm sorry about the news of your wife, by the way - please accept my condolences.

This is bad news about Ternelles of course - I've been walking in that estate since about 1980, and the bastard March pigs seem to be engaged in an almost perpetual battle with Pollenca Ajuntament to try and keep walkers out.

There has been an uneasy truce for several years now, but obviously they appear to have redoubled their efforts and have won this latest round.

I wonder if anybody knows what might happen next? Do the Mallorcan senderistas, or the Ajuntament, have any plans to challenge the Marches and get the place reopened, at least for free walking?

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