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mike_dublin 05-12-2018 09:02

More cyclists to come....


Majorca is going to be the main holiday destination for European cyclists next year with an estimated 250,000 cyclists, a 25% increase over this year, expected to come to the island according to tour operators which specialise in cycle holidays, companies involved in organising sporting events and data from the regional administration.

The increase in cyclists has been progressive since 2010, hence the hotels’ commitment to adapt facilities and services to cater for this offer of active tourism that plays a key role in decentralising the season considering that nearly 80% of cyclists come in the low season months from mid-December to the end of June.

“The demand for Majorca has been growing steadily since 2010 and this positively affects all the productive sectors, which is why the turnover generated by cycling and bicycle tourism will exceed 300 million euros in 2019, mainly because the main international professional cycling teams have chosen the island to train and compete during December, January and February.


see full article on the MDB website

bobley 05-12-2018 10:01

It's nice to see the island is still happy to promote cycling. I guess the general opinion in the community is that this is good thing. I've never seen a local getting upset about cyclists, although I do get the odd funny look when I come out of the front door with my team kit on. I hope you'll take a minuue to browse this https://velobants.club/category/racing-bants/ to confirm that we're just a bunch of silly men, not lycra clad warriors of the road. I'd like to say that the vast majority of cyclists I know are of a similar mindset. We're just here for the banter.

I'm going through a massive upheaval at the moment and when I come out the other side, I hope my 15yr old son and I will spend a lot more time in our cozy Pollenca home (I hope my eldest will come too but he's at uni now and has different holidays and is starting to have his own life).

Maybe I could get more involved with cycling on a formal basis? I became an official level 2 coach specialising in Road and Time Trials 3 years ago but I've not had chance to use my skills enough due to all the cr@p life has thrown at me since.

I've only ever done 5 or 6 group rides on Mallorca with Pro Cycle Hire but I have to say , every ride has been run in a very disciplined manner. Groups are kept to a sensible size and Bruce barks out the orders so we remain in the most compact, safe formation. It's always been a bit of a disappointment to see that some other organisations just let folks wander around the road in a complete mess. I wish I could spend a little time with those guys and get them into shape.

When I return in Feb I'm going to build myself an adventure bike, to allow me to get off the road occasionally and take a few gravel paths and go investigating a bit more. I'm also quite keen to put a bin bag on the back as I always see a few bits of rubbish by the road but if I'm all geared up I've got nowhere to store it, so if you see a cyclist walking by the road with a pannier on the back of the bike that'll probably be me. I would hope that other cyclists which go past me take a second to consider why another cyclist would want to be doing such a thing.

If anyone on here fancies having a pedal at any point but is worried that they've lost their mojo/skills then I'd be more than happy to meet up somewhere quiet (and I wont get dressed up) and do a few refresher skills sessions. I've got a range of road bikes here in medium and large sizes and we could get you up to speed. Long term I guess I should get a little hybrid bike too?? It would be nice to find a few little quiet routes and have a forum bimble out to a cafe (as I said, cycling is all about the banter - and coffee and cake).

Anyway, I just thought I'd take a few minutes down time to share my little daydream and put aside unpleasant issues for a few minutes.

Rockape 05-12-2018 12:01

Nice one Bobley.....hope you get through your upheaval okay!

Maybe we'll do a ride together one day, I hired an mtb last time I was there,(which is what I do in Surrey) but would like to get a road bike so I can take advantage of the fabulous roads. I need to get through my own crisis currently which is all based on the business uncertainty in the UK.

bobley 05-12-2018 12:32

I'll certainly look forward to a leisurely ride out at some point, and we'll cruise back along the sea front really gently at the end ;-)

Hopefully after dec 11th given the current car crash going on in westminster this whole brexit farce will get put to bed and we can just carry on working!

ChrisW 05-12-2018 12:49


I have a couple of bikes at our place in PP, and also hope to start spending more time there.

I used to help run Kingston Wheelers CC, responsible for the Club Runs and introducing newbies to the Club.

Yep, Bruce's ride are disciplined and i am totally with you on the big groups.

I have even sent an e-mail of complaint to a UK based Club when there members rode en-masse on the Pinewalk :mad:

I've borrowed a CX bike out there, but there really aren't that many routes. One or two are too bumpy and you need an MTB with suspension and the others are just too short.

Back in the UK i ride predominantly off road on my 2 CX bikes.

Maybe we can continue this discussion when we are both next out.

The point of riding is to have a smile on your face :)


bobley 05-12-2018 13:30

Loving the banter potential coming out of this thread. CX is where it's all at.

I've not got a frame yet for my adventure bike but I do have a spare set of 29er forks so maybe the new bike will be a whippet 29er hard tail...

Do you follow the CX Balears posts on Facebook. Those races look great. Urban/sand/ very little mud...

cumberland8 05-12-2018 17:37

Refreshing post Bobley, tried young Bruces rides they are just too fast , I prefer to cycle in PP when its red hot in the summer ,there are usually 3 of us out every year.

bobley 05-12-2018 19:22


Originally Posted by cumberland8 (Post 125324)
Refreshing post Bobley, tried young Bruces rides they are just too fast , I prefer to cycle in PP when its red hot in the summer ,there are usually 3 of us out every year.

They're too fast for me too !! I quite like exploring back roads. In the summer I went to Can Picafort and then inland. Found a really weird quarry. I love finding abandoned stuff. I'll give you a shout in the summer.

ChrisW 05-12-2018 23:37


Yea over time i've found loads of back roads.

I have a 29er that i hardly use here. Might bring it over, however not sure of Mrs W's response if i do.

Yea i've sent the posters about the CX races but they were all in Nov and i wasn't out, maybe next year.

Bizarrely today, someone posted on the Kingston Wheelers Forum about getting puffa jackets made like the Velobants ones. Hadn't even heard of Velobants until today and now twice. Spooky !!!!!


bobley 06-12-2018 00:04

Oh yes. That's not the last you'll hear from us. Most of them will be at Hillingdon this weekend... you'll probably hear them cheering from Wimbledon !!

Tommo 30-01-2019 10:04

Cyclists in the Port.
Booked two weeks in the Pol Park to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.
Think I may have dropped a massive clanger, just realised that the men in lycra will be there in force. I really hope I don't regret this one. Well at least we will be visiting our favourite place and places.

Rockape 30-01-2019 10:32


Originally Posted by Tommo (Post 125704)
Booked two weeks in the Pol Park to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.
Think I may have dropped a massive clanger, just realised that the men in lycra will be there in force. I really hope I don't regret this one. Well at least we will be visiting our favourite place and places.

Tommo, trust me....it'll only be a problem if you make it one! You're in danger of making this issue something that will totally spoil your holiday. I appreciate exactly how you feel, as I live next to the Olympic route in Surrey and we are inundated with them, but you just have to accept they are now part of the scenery.

So I'd suggest taking a few deep breaths when you feel a bit agitated, look at the scenery around you and smile!:)

P&C@29 30-01-2019 10:45

I agree with you Tommo these cyclists are a danger the way they ride without any thought to anyone else. Hit by one on the Pine Walk last year.

Miller 30-01-2019 12:48

Get your own back, when cycles are all outside Tolo's or other similar saddle sore rests, walk or push your way between all the tables ringing a bell. Some may take the hint!!

Deanscroft 02-02-2019 09:33

I don't think the vast majority of the cyclists here know what a bell is despite it being a legal requirement. Perhaps a 50€ on the spot fine would do the trick and raise a tidy sum for the islands coffers.

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