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robjay 27-03-2007 01:55

A foot Note on Walking Guides
I'm not too sure if everybody is aware that there is no legal right to roam in Mallorca, unlike here in the UK.

Almost 100% of all the land on the Island is privately owned. These land owners can, do and will restrict/close public access to their land without warning and reason. Just look at the PP to CSV route. One of the hottest "is it isn't it" topics on here.

Some landowner have closed and others are threatening to close routes through their land because of damage, litter, noise etc etc etc.

So please treat these routes with respect and stick to the pathways, pick up litter and keep noise down to a minimum around property and livestock.

If you are about to buy a guide or are blowing off the cobwebs from your old guide books have a look at the date the book was printed because that old favorite route or the new route you are about to planning from the book may not in fact be open to public access anymore. I'd hate to read hear about a member ending up in trouble because they took old advice. Look for only the latest and up to date guide books.

It would be nice if we could have a section on the forum with updates/information on routes in and around PP.

Take care.


sleepybobby 27-03-2007 03:01

Good advice robjay and good to read your posts again!!8)

pollensa 27-03-2007 04:47


there is already a forum for Walking & Cycling, so feel free to post any updates there p221.ezboard.com/fpollensaforumfrm20

I realise this post may not make sense now as I've moved it from the Books forum to the Walking one as that seemed more appropriate.

sandy 27-03-2007 16:01

I suppose to be sure, one could always follow the little wooden 'cami' signs that have been put up recently. At least you'll know you're welcome there.

robjay 29-03-2007 07:59

Sandy your so right these are official paths and are not a problem, it's the unofficial paths that may have been donkey tracks for 100's of years but are closed by a disgruntled landowner over night.

Take care.


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