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Gommar Goffer 24-02-2009 20:35

Forum thread timeout
I have just spent the last 3 hours writting a Trip Report, between serving customers, only for it to dissappear when I hit submit - is there a timeout on the thread creation?


Alcanada 24-02-2009 20:49

Just a thought - if you hit the "back" arrow enough times you might be able to get your report back. You could then copy it and try again. I have resorted to this before and it worked, thus saving some mental anguish.

El Gordo 24-02-2009 22:59

Thread time out
This has happened to me before but I blamed it on my broadband link/computer going down.

What I do is now is either copy and paste from word or highlight the text as I complete it in the reply box and right click and copy. If it is lost you can right click and paste so you only lose from where you copied.

I know its not perfect but when its happened to a long thread!!!

I hope I made sense!!!

Sparky 24-02-2009 23:09

This has happened to me many times, in the end i found that if i clicked the "remember me" box when i logged in, it solved the the problem. Hope this helps ;)

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