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whaleywanderer 31-12-2008 11:42

Deleting posts?
Please could you explain how to delete a post from the 'edit' screen. I have tried removing all the text but this gives a message that the post is too short. I cannot see an option to delete the post - only to 'save' 'preview' or cancel the edit.

Many thanks:confused::confused:

sws97sdg 31-12-2008 11:53

Hi Whaley, I am sure a mod will answer you question for you, you may not be able to delete it, I know Jane has only just enabled us on the Tapas Bar to delete our own posts.

JH02JLH 31-12-2008 12:14

I'm not sure that members can delete their own posts on here. However, if you want me to delete one of your posts, then please let me know and I will go and do it for you.


whaleywanderer 01-01-2009 12:56

Thanks Jane - In the end I just modified it, so it doesn't need deleting now but it's anoying if you realise once you've posted that something is wrong you can't go back and delete it. I'm not sure but I don't think you can delete from the preview screen either but I stand to be corrected.

pollensa 01-01-2009 16:19

As Jane says I don't think you can delete posts. If you want one deleted either PM Jane or myself or edit it with a note e.g. 'Admin please delete this post'.

whaleywanderer 02-01-2009 11:01

Thanks Pollensa - If I need to in future I will go with your second option and leave a note on the post (good idea).

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