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Belladonna 07-10-2008 15:25

Reading New Posts
Have just got back after a week away and inbetween unpacking have been attempting to catch up on posts.
Now, one thing that has frustrated me is that although I have opened up the New Posts and looked at one or two before I close back down again, the next time I click on New Posts it doesnt show the ones not yet read or opened! So I know I have about a thousand posts not read but dont know which ones! VERY ANNOYING!! I do hope that nothing TOO exciting has been happening??!:rolleyes:

pollensa 07-10-2008 17:48

Hi Belladonna,

I'm not sure entirely what you mean. But I often find it useful to read all the posts for a day - just look at Quick Links & select Today's Posts.

If you want to see more than one day (actually 24 hours) you can put in your address bar:
HTML Code:

for 2 days - or however many days you want to see.

Hope that helps.

Belladonna 08-10-2008 13:07

Thanks Pollensa. I can never use the cut and paste facility, but I think I may have pressed the "all read" button somewhere being so tired and so the New Posts disappeared before i had actually read them. Will no doubt catch up backwards when new posts appear!

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