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tangofan 17-09-2010 13:44

Travel Club of Upminster
I continue to be disappointed with the Travel Club of Upminster since their new ownership. I just rang asking about the availability of a particular apartment for next year and they were very abrupt and unhelpful just saying I would have to wait for the new brochure in October. The lady said she had no idea if the apartment I was asking about would be available! Talk about driving your loyal longstanding customers away!

eleanor 17-09-2010 17:42

This is a disappointment as no company can afford to be so off hand with clients especially in this climate. I'm sure the owners of apartments with properties with this company wouldn't be impressed with the attitude.

Another good reason to book with owners directly.

marionann 17-09-2010 19:36

I have heard that there is trouble with the Travel Club and they have gone 'bust'. There is something on the Miramar website and my friend has just text me from PP with the news.

Used to go with these years ago when they were based in Upminster. Never any problems except when staying at the Maricel and not been told of building work!!

tangofan 17-09-2010 20:52

Marionann, that is very interesting. I have looked at the Miramar website but can't see anything- What did you see on the website? What did your friend hear? Things have never been the same with the Travel Club since Mr Chandler sold it. It is a shame but nothing lasts forever I suppose!

I have seen one of the apartments I am interested in on the PP website so will do as Eleanor advises and book direct. I must admit I am rather cautious and preferred booking a package with the Travel Club for security really, particularly in this difficult financial climate but I guess I have to move with the times.

marionann 17-09-2010 21:10

On the Miramar website it says URGENT if you are a client of Upminster Travel to contact the Hotel.

What apartments are you looking at as I was in Puerto Pollensa last week (wish I was there now) and a friend who always booked through travel club was in Maricel apartments booked through Sun Club in Wolverhampton I think they were. I didnt realis until recently that the travel club did not book the whole package like they used to. They definately had the personal touch, our first experience was Las Velas apartments, absolute heaven. Though now on the main road, although seem very quiet.

Also think the Maricel can be booked through the Miramar.

eleanor 17-09-2010 21:20

This obviously shows that booking with a travel company can not always be classed as secure. As you say often the villas and apartments on the travel company sites are also advertised directly by the owner too. The only difference being that the majority of times you will be charged much more to book via the agent. The owner has their rate and the travel company theirs to include their commission.
It is relatively easy to book flights direct online and again often cheaper as you are sometimes more able to negotiate dates with owners to take advantage of cheaper flights.
With the Resort Hoppa being so easily available and affordable again this can be cheaper as any coach transfers are added into a holiday cost anyway.
Personally I think you can be more secure by booking directly. You also have the advantage of 1-1 contact with the owner.
Obviously it goes without saying that a good travel insurance is a must but that would be the case direct or non direct.

lollipop 17-09-2010 21:39

I also heard today that travel Club of Upminster had gone bust yesterday. Apparently two people staying in one of the apartments opposite the post office were told to leave their holiday apartment.

eleanor 17-09-2010 21:48

How awful for them. This makes me feel sad and angry. People save very hard for their holiday and look forward to them. It is one thing to cancel future bookings which although not nice but does give options. To just throw people onto the streets is so heartless and cruel. Thats life I suppose!

lollipop 17-09-2010 21:55

It seems to be happening more and more, just so glad that I now live here and don't have the worry.

eleanor 18-09-2010 04:03

And what a wonderful place to live too, Lollipop. Maybe one day we will take the plunge too. I actually much prefer my house in the port to my house in the UK so that's a very good start.

tangofan 18-09-2010 09:37

Thanks for all your replies. It is such a shame. I have found the Miramar website now with the notice on. I want to book the Bressol apartments which are opposite the post office so these are probably the ones that Lollipop is referring to. How dreadful to be thrown out halfway through your holiday. There is a Bressol apartment advertised on the PP website but I am not sure who the contact is, it maybe a member of the owners family. One used to be advertised last year with the Travel Club rep as the contact but not recently.

I am rather cautious and found it great just ringing the Travel Club and having it all arranged and they were always very reasonable as we have 3 children and you could always get a two bed room apartment at a good price with no stupid minimum occupancy charges as with the usual travel companies who expect 5 people to sleep in a one bedroom apartment, or hefty flight supplements just to travel at a sensible time. Also now the children are grown up but still want a free holiday if they are around, we could book with a minimum occupancy of 3 and the older ones could just come if they wanted to at the last minute. You can’t do that with Thomsons!

I am not sure I agree about it being more secure booking directly with the owner as you have very little comeback if something goes wrong, unless you are able to pay with a credit card which a private individual probably wouldn’t be able to accept. I don’t think insurance companies will cover you for this, though I know some are starting to now but then probably only for ABTA/ATOL companies, not a private individual. I wait to be corrected on this though. I would like to think that everybody who features on the PP website is reliable though! You do hear such horror stories though and most people need to be careful when trusting their hard earned cash in this way

I have a flyer from Sun Club which fell out of a magazine once and was puzzled because most of the Travel Club properties were “exclusive” to them and when I rang and asked them, they asked me to send them the Sun Club flyer as they seemed puzzled. I wonder who Sun Club are and how they managed to offer all these exclusive to Travel Club properties? They have an ABTA symbol but not ATOL so I am very wary.

Sorry this is such a long post!

eleanor 18-09-2010 09:44

There is also another side to this coin. Remember that the people who own the property which has been rented via a company gone will probably not get their owed rental money. I would expect that as with most of these companies, the rental owed to the owner is not paid until the end of the season. Therefore i wonder just how many property owners will not receive a penny for a whole season of rental.

tangofan 18-09-2010 09:51

Yes I do appreciate there are two sides to this and it is a problem for the owners but I am sure there is some sort of insurance available for this. This kind of problem comes with the territory of owning a rental property. I rent a property out in the UK and have cover should the rent not be paid.

Without sounding too harsh, the owner still has their property and will probably be able to re-let, as least during the main season, but the holidaymaker has lost their holiday completely

eleanor 18-09-2010 09:58

We rent our villa in the Port and the rental is paid before entry to the villa. That is our insurance. I do actually think you are being a little harsh as although the property owner still has the property, many including us, only have the property because the rental helps to pay for it. Many have mortgages on their property as well as having to pay for the upkeep etc etc. This has all been gone into with other posts, so won't duplicate now. As I said in my previous post and as with this company - it is getting very close to the end of the season. That money can not be recovered at this late stage. At the beginning of a season there is a chance.
I for one could not afford to lose a whole seasons rental - it may well mean I may not still have my property!!

pollensa 18-09-2010 10:36


Originally Posted by tangofan (Post 50026)
I want to book the Bressol apartments which are opposite the post office so these are probably the ones that Lollipop is referring to. ... There is a Bressol apartment advertised on the PP website but I am not sure who the contact is, it maybe a member of the owners family. One used to be advertised last year with the Travel Club rep as the contact but not recently.

The Bressol apts are now advertised with us by the owner of the apartments - see bressolapts - Apartment to Rent in Pollensa, Puerto Pollensa, Central, Marina Area, Mallorca (Majorca), Spain so this is now a private rental. As you say you cannot get insurance for renting privately and we can offer no guarantees as we do not view the properties. However all our advertisers do pay an annual charge to advertise with us (unlike others which may be free but take commission). All I can say is that we have been advertising properties since 2001 and, so far (!), I have never had properties that do not exist or where the holidaymaker has lost the holiday. If anyone has any queries about any of the properties you can always contact us http://puertopollensa.com/contact.html. I hope that helps.

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