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LJH 19-01-2011 14:33


Originally Posted by tangofan (Post 49975)
I continue to be disappointed with the Travel Club of Upminster since their new ownership. I just rang asking about the availability of a particular apartment for next year and they were very abrupt and unhelpful just saying I would have to wait for the new brochure in October. The lady said she had no idea if the apartment I was asking about would be available! Talk about driving your loyal longstanding customers away!

\thats a shame. i have used this company before and alsways found them to be very good and helpful. Didnt know the company had changed hands.

bigjohn 24-01-2011 13:55

We had used TCU for many years & had very good service, suddenly about 3 years ago they declined to allow us to book two adjoining aprtments as we had done for several years. We then went independent & did our own bookings, got a much bigger, nicer & better placed apartment for less which we now use each year. Their loss.

tangofan 25-01-2011 16:59

Not sure if the previous two posters are aware that TCU have now folded. I think the writing was on the wall when the company was sold which would probably coincide with bigjohn becoming disatisfied 3 years ago.

clinkham 08-10-2015 21:58

The Doc....torrrr! Time travelling to PP
It's good to resurrect these dead threads.
Anyone passing through Leeds Bradford/Palma airports in the morning may well see a blast from the past.
Keep a eye open for a couple of suitcases with genuine Travel Club of Upminster luggage tags attached.

One of the cases had not been used for some while - 2004, actually, according to the Liverpool airport baggage tag. Tucked away in one of the pockets were a couple of pristine TCU tags.

This discovery brought back happy memories of holidays in PP with TCU. Wonderfull staff in resort and great attention to detail. And a nice touch was the coach to the airport stopping for a bit of lunch on the way down to the airport on departure day. The boat trips round the bay etc. All very laid back - just as things should be on your hols.

I know there was a bit of gnashing of of of teeth when TCU hit the buffers, but our memories are all happy ones.

And would we have found El Posito if not directed to Tony's by TCU.?:)

Sparky 08-10-2015 22:38

And the TCU sign is still on the door of El Posito ;);).

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