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tangofan 18-09-2010 11:19


Thank you very much indeed, this is very helpful.

pollensa 18-09-2010 11:51

Am afraid it does look as if Travel Club of Upminster has issues - see Preocupación entre más de veinte hoteles por los impagos de un touroperador inglés - Diario de Mallorca :( (Use Google translate if you need to).

JMD40 18-09-2010 15:34

Can I just put things a little clearer. Firstly TCU have not gone bust however they are experiencing, as most if not all, tour operators severe financial difficulties. They have two weeks to find a solution to this problem and clients due to arrive this weekend and next have been advised by them of the difficulties however almost all of these bookings have decided to continue to travel this weekend and pay again for the accomodation and then claim on their return to UK. The clients who were asked to leave the accommodation were asked to do so by one female owner of one block of apartments who now advertises privately on this website and must have fogotten that she has lived comfortably off TCU clients for the past 25years. These clients were assisted by the company in finding alternative accomodation during this very unfortunate and unforgiving episode as TCU would NEVER see their clients on the street.
2011 TCU hope to celebrate 75years anniversary.
The unhelpful answer on the phone from the Birmingham office yesterday is understandable in the circumstances and probably came from a junior member of staff who was feeling the stress after a very long and emotional week.
For the sake of the company reputation, its supportive suppliers and its loyal clients can I ask that only facts not rumours are added to this link for the time being. Lets hope for a solution for all. thanks.

tangofan 18-09-2010 17:54

Thank you for that clarification JMD40. I assume that I was correct in my assumption that the apartments concerned were the Bressol.

I am not sure if clients who paid again would be able to re-claim the money when they arrive home as Travel Club are not members of ABTA any longer.

I do feel that there is no excuse for the way my call was handled, despite the fact that the staff must be having a very difficult time at the moment. The person to whom I spoke was definitely not a junior either! If the call had been handled properly in the manner that has always been part of the Travel Club service I would not have felt the need to post on the site resulting in the responses given.

I hope that you will be able to keep us updated as to how the situation develops over the next couple of weeks although the press article in the link provided by Pollensa does sound quite alarming.

JMD40 19-09-2010 17:17

Hi there,
I will do my best to keep the website updated on situation as it unfolds. The clients who paid by credit card can claim from the credit card company should the company go into liquadation. For those that paid by cheque or transfer they can claim from the administrators if the company goes into liquadation. However, if the company resolve their difficulties then the claims are naturally made direct to TCU for a refund. Some understanding suppliers have given preferential rates to clients affected by this situation to ease the pain somewhat.
Regarding the article, 22 is the number of hotels featured across the TCU website and is most certainly not the number of hotels affected which I think is maybe 5 but not too sure.

Rachel23 23-09-2010 14:20

hi guys i thought this might be of interest I work in travel and this header was in one of the trade papers this wk....

'Travel Club of Upminster seeks financial advice'
Sep 23, 2010 10:29

Travel Club of Upminster has approached insolvency practitioners Shipleys amid reports that it has failed to pay more than 20 hotels in Majorca for this season’s bookings.

JMD40 23-09-2010 19:15

I saw the article today also and was surprised to see my quotes from this forum copied into the article - we are being watched guys!!!!

Belladonna 23-09-2010 21:54

Brilliant! Claim for royalties JMD!

usandthewoof 23-09-2010 22:04

And I thought I had seen the last of Big Brother !!! :D

Belladonna 23-09-2010 23:00

Shame on you! :rolleyes:

tangofan 24-09-2010 08:37

This is very sad news indeed. Once again this summer, it looks like another travel company has taken customer's money but not paid it over to the hotels etc. As JMD40 says, if you have paid by credit card you will be ok but many people probably haven't and some smaller companies, including some featured on the forum, do not take credit cards so in the current economic climate, frankly it is a big risk to pay a lot of money by cheque or bank transfer.

I believe some insurance companies are starting to cover operator failure but this is probably only for packages booked through ABTA companies, and not small companies or individual owners. Also it is very unlikely customers could claim from the administrators, they would be at the very end of the list of creditors.

We didn't manage to get to Majorca this summer for a variety of reasons but I was really looking forward to booking for next year through the Travel Club so I am not sure what to do now. Like everyone else, I can't afford to put my hard earned cash at any risk!

favie 24-09-2010 08:45


Originally Posted by JMD40 (Post 50357)
I saw the article today also and was surprised to see my quotes from this forum copied into the article - we are being watched guys!!!!

Interesting to read the article JMD....we are indeed being watched!:eek:
Real shame if they go under.:mad:

Travel Club of Upminster seeks financial advice - www.travelweekly.co.uk

Belladonna 24-09-2010 09:25

The pen - or keyboard - is mightier than the company!:rolleyes:

JMD40 24-09-2010 18:12

Royalties - now thats an idea?????
Tangofan - hold tight dont do anything for now there is no rush - ssssh, dont tell anyone but there is a possible plan B being closely investigated to ensure that all those fantastic loyal TCU customers can still enjoy the same holidays they have been enjoying in the past.

BBCNEWSGIRL 24-09-2010 18:57

Interesting JMD40, it would be gud 2 get the same level of service as the old Travel Club of Upminster. It has never been the same since the Birmingham company took over...please keep us informed :)

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