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ns1993 26-01-2010 14:56

Travel Club of Upminster
Dear All

I am booking a holiday to PP and have some good prices from the Travel Club of Upminster.

As I have never heard of this company and as I can't see any ATOL signs on their website, I thought I would post on this forum to see what feedback I get.

Having browsed this forum, there is mention of them but I am looking for some reassuring references!!

Many thanks


snowy2007 26-01-2010 19:41

Been with them many times used to be family firm but not sure if they still are Very big in PP and on the Algarve.

eleanor 26-01-2010 19:49

Well known for Pollensa holidays but if it were me I would be very careful of any company not ATOL protected.
I would ensure good insurance - just in case!

jjacks 26-01-2010 21:59

The Travel Club of Upminster was owned by the Chandler Family in Upminster, Essex (Chandlers Travel Agents is still there), but the Travel Club was sold a while ago and I think is now based in Birmingham.


JMD40 27-01-2010 11:01

The Travel club of Upminster commenced operating in 1936 and has been in chandlers family until last year when it was sold to a company based in Birmingham. Most of the same properties are available but more flexibility on travel arrangemnts - you can book your own flights and transfers or they will do it for you.
They have good quality accommodation here and in the Algarve.

snowy2007 27-01-2010 17:10

I have got a copy of Harry Chandlers book celebrating his years 1936-1986 called Chandlers Travels the ISBN 0-907621-49-X, by John Carter all his customers in 1986 were sent a copy.

romanb 27-01-2010 17:21

Snap we have the very same book. Travel club of Upminster were the first company we used for a villa holiday back in the early 80's. We were met by Judy Edwards at Palma airport and taken to Can Berengue by coach where we had to wait for car to be delivered. We then drove the short distance to our villa in La Font. We have never looked back. Have not used the travel club for several years and do not know about the new company that bought them out though!

snowy2007 27-01-2010 17:37

I meet Judy a few years ago at Rutland Bird Fair she not changed excet she lost her dog if I remember right his name was Bonny (Not named after the bar long before that)

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