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suemo 18-01-2009 11:45

Winter Sunshine Holidays - Gone Bust
Dear All,

We booked with WSH for a week in the Flora at the end of May/beginning of June. Received an email yesterday informing us that the company had ceased trading and therefore our accommodation has been cancelled (luckily we booked flights separately directly with the airline).

Can anyone tell me if the Flora is open at the moment, or if not when it does. I am trying to get in touch with them. I was hoping we may be able to book directly with them, or failing this we will book any using a different agent.

Luckily we only paid a deposit so we haven't lost a huge amount of money but it is still enough.

I don't want to leave it too long before booking with someone else so if the Flora is closed for the next couple of months I will probably go within another agent.

Any help would be appreciated.



liz d 18-01-2009 12:25

FLORA - Aparthotel 3* :) (link to flora website)

Not sure if they are open, but hope this link helps. It does have a booking section on the website.

Alpha rooms (search engine via "Hotels and Aparthotels" section on the left) normally list the Flora and in my experience are normally alot cheaper than the list price quoted on the Flora website.

Glad you didn't lose too much with WSH going bust,


suemo 18-01-2009 15:39

Thanks Liz. I have compared the two and Alpha Rooms does seem to come out cheaper and so I think I will book via them.

Thanks again


gina39uk 18-01-2009 16:49

Hi Suemo. I've sent you a private message

pollensa 18-01-2009 23:58


Booking Options for the Flora are here Flora Apts

I'm afraid that Winter Sunshine also ran Find Rooms (if anyone booked with them). However Alpharooms covers the same hotels & more so anyone else affected should be able to book with them.

suemo 19-01-2009 21:35

Thanks for your help.

I received an email today from Pedro on Reception at the Flora, he offered us 2 apartments on the dates we wanted with a 15% discount. This works out around 60 cheaper than the prices we were getting from other agents, so everything has worked out OK.

Just need to wait now and see if we get our money back from Winter Sunshine Holidays!!!

liz d 20-01-2009 19:51

Fantastic......every cloud and all that!!:)

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