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HarrysDad 22-05-2018 21:26

Solmar villas??
Hi All,

Were about to book our 7th holiday to beautiful Pollensa and having left it a bit late this year availability for mid-July is naturally fairly limited.

Previously weve booked with James and villa select with no issues at all but were now looking at a couple of villas with Solmar.

Im sure Ive heard of them but I dont know where (probably in this forum though) and whether it was a good report or not.

Ive searched the site and there's nothing very recent, do any of the wise old owls on here know anything they could share?

If it helps, were looking at Villa Cati and Villa Raquel and were a family with 2 young boys, 5 and 1.5

Thanks in advance


Jimbo the Jambo 23-05-2018 07:50

Some very negative feedback on Facebook. Google them and read all the reports to form your own opinion from the comments.


HarrysDad 23-05-2018 13:28

Thanks Jimbo,

Ive seen lots of bad reviews online, and lots of good ones too.

I guess the problem with review sites online like Facebook, tripadvisor etc is that its a self selecting sample and people only leave reviews when theyre either really upset or really happy - its 1star and 5star reviews with little in the middle.

Very useful feedback though, thank you



roig cat 23-05-2018 23:10

Hi Andy,
I’ve stayed with Solmar Villas in both Lefkas and Kefalonia but not Mallorca. Both holidays were Villa only, both villas were delightful and the reps worked from home and gave you their mobile phone numbers! I know Solmar have an office in the Port so I expect reps easily on hand if any concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with them again if the price was right; some Villas on their books are also available with other companies such as James. Repeat customers get a 5% reduction which isn’t advertised.

HarrysDad 24-05-2018 06:29

Thanks roig cat, great to know.

We’ve taken the plunge and booked, just 6 weeks until we’re back. Can’t wait!

mopezone 31-05-2018 01:03

Been renting villas from Solmar every year for the past 5 years or so, sometimes twice a year.
Found them to be a decent company who act very promptly if you have a problem in the villa - as said above, the reps are locally based and you have their mobile so they're easy to contact.
Wholeheartedly recommended!

sws97sdg 01-06-2018 07:08

Phew, already booked with them for September :)

HarrysDad 10-07-2018 18:24

Quick update, we’re now here and basking in the sun at Villa Raquel.

It’s possibly the nicest villa we’ve stayed at and is certainly on a par with the villas from James and Villa Plus we’ve picked in the past. I shouldn’t have worried and will book again with Solmar.

3 minor gripes though:

It was a bit cloudy first thing this morning. It didn’t mention that on the website!!!
The pool is so nice I’ve got sunburnt shoulders from spending hours swimming
The electric gates close automatically after a couple of minutes - not so much of a gripe but a warning to anyone who might have left something important in the way such as a distracted wife or a brand new Mercedes hire car (oops)

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