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smg 26-04-2016 21:30

Alpharooms...don't touch with a bargepole
Have used Alpharooms for previous PP bookings, but experience of them this year for daughter's first solo trip to PP this summer not good. Essentially, they are selling accommodation that they haven't got, can't honour prices 2 days after deducting funds from credit card.

It seems as though they merely act as agents for others, creaming off a commission on services they can't provide.

We can get flights + hotel cheaper independently, but they won't refund on EJ flights, and are hiding behind booking conditions which to my mind don't conform to UCTA / CRA legislation.

They leave enigmatic phone messages with no call back number, not explaining options, & then expect you to wait for hours for their call centre to answer.
Anyway, we'll never use them again, don't care if they do advertise on this site, beware... I thought behaviour like this went out years ago.

Grrrr !

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