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Tiggy 20-04-2013 14:27

What are your must gets / bring back from UK
In the interests of balance ...what can you not get on Majorca that is a

'' must get / bring back from UK''

roig cat 21-04-2013 17:57

When we stay in a villa my husband always takes a box of Scotts Porage oats! You can get them in the British Food shop, but they are very expensive! (He's a creature of habit):)

kate1 21-04-2013 18:28

It's quite hard to find Weetabix - which I can't stand, but my husband will eat nothing else - although I think Eroski do now stock it. Also, Yorkshire Teabags, which in my opinion are the best - am not keen on Tetleys. Apart from that, we don't bring anything out as part of the fun of being there is trying new things.

MairiCladach 21-04-2013 23:09

Sad to confess, but we always bring decent instant coffee and some teabags (English Breakfast and assorted herbal) with us! Although we are supplied with plenty of coffee and teabags at our beloved Villa Singala, the coffee is decaffeinated and the teabags pretty wishy-washy. The latter we can live without, but as serious coffee drinkers we absolutely need a strong cup or two first thing in the morning. Is there anywhere in the Port that does in fact sell nice instant coffee (apart from the ubiquitous Nescafe original!)?

Apart from that, we also pack a few oatcakes and crackers for those evenings when all we want to do is sit on our balcony with a glass of wine and an assortment of cheese, olives, salad and charcuterie. We always buy loads of fresh bread (Voramar in particular has gorgeous baguettes etc) and some biscuits while there but, as others have posted, we are I suppose creatures of habit - and I must say that Scottish oatcakes do taste quite delicious when paired with Spanish food and wine! :)

Oh yes, one other thing, I always bring a plentiful supply of earplugs - not for any noise from outwith our room but to fend off the snores and snorts from my otherwise wonderful old mum. Whose British nasal strips simply don't get on with greasy aftersun, any superior Spanish alternatives?!?

Gommar Goffer 21-04-2013 23:18

I always bring over Nescafe Gold Blend - my coffee of choice as it suits my palate - it is so expensive in PP which is strange for a global brand

lollipop 22-04-2013 09:02

kate1, you can get Weetabix in Mercadona as well as Eroski but the cheapest place is Al Campo. When I return from the UK although we can get most things here in one form or another I bring back mixed fruit for cake making, just because of price and in the winter instant hot chocolate powder. The ones here have to be made with milk. But if I didn't go back would cope with locally bought products. As for cofee Maricell is the same company as Douwe Egberts.

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