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Paules 18-08-2011 14:51

We are coming over in September and staying in a villa which is located between Pollensa Town and Alcudia. I would be interested if anyone knows if the new LIDL is open yet which was on the old Eroski site near the roundabout in Pollensa Town.

In previous years we have always shopped at the other two Eroski's and occasionally at Carrefour in Palma.

Could anyone enlighten me please? Thanks.

meg1973 18-08-2011 14:56

it is not finished by a long way , no roof on ,looks as if it could be a couple of months before it is ready to be honest, sorry to say

Paules 18-08-2011 15:07

Thanks Meg1973. It looks as though we will have to stick with the tried and tested Eroski supermarkets again.

majprop 18-08-2011 16:05

I go past the new building quite a lot and I can say that the roof is now on and the interior flooring finished they are now working on the parking area. When you bear in mind that the Alcudia Lidl was finished within eight weeks I think there is a chance it will be ready depending on when you are over. I was quite fascinated in the way it is constructed, rather like a lego, the lorries turned up off the morning ferry and the pieces were craned straight into place and sealed.

lollipop 18-08-2011 16:46

They are built a bit like the McDonalds are in the UK,all the same design. I agree that I think it will open soon.

Paules 20-08-2011 15:36

We are coming over from 10th to 24th September so we may be lucky and the supermarket is open.

marilyn 23-09-2011 12:38

Does anyone know how the building works are coming along? I am out in 2 weeks and was hoping it might be open by then

sws97sdg 23-09-2011 12:45

When I was out two weeks ago it was far from finished, opinions differ but I think it will be at last a month - six weeks until opening.

Sparky 23-09-2011 12:55

Hubby drove past the site this morning and says there are lights on inside and the signs are going up. ;)

lollipop 23-09-2011 13:14

SWS they have worked very hard including Sundays and I think it will open by the end of this month. The tarmac carpark is laid and as Sparky said,lights on inside and the outer facias nearly complete. It doesn't take them long to stock as they don't have complicated shelving.

sws97sdg 23-09-2011 13:18

That is one thing I thought, I have never been in one but heard the inside is plain and wont take long to finish, sounds just as well I didnt have a bet with Sparky over the completion date ;)

fil6699 23-09-2011 15:38

LOL I told all it would be open by October and looks like I am going to be right again lol
this is great news for the Port Eroski you best get your act together . SWS you should get in one (never thought I would be saying that about Lidl) BUT They have great products and very good prices. Huge savings on Eroski on most items.

eleanor 23-09-2011 17:09

Got to agree fil. Excellent products and prices and often the shops are set out as they are in the UK so easy to find items.

We used to drive to Inca to shop in Lidl years ago as there was much larger choice for non eat meaters at that time. I found that the Mallorcan and Spanish had a habit of putting pieces of chicken or other meats in places not expected in some of their ready made foods i.e. cooked rice or pasta dishes. This didn't happen with Lidl.
Anyway this sounds somewhat silly now but years ago it happened and for a veggie was a great sin. The drive was therefore worthwhile.

I think it is great news that Lidl will be in Pollensa and I look forward to shopping there.

sws97sdg 23-09-2011 18:03

Lol, yes fil looks like you are going to be right, why did we doubt you, will try it next time over in January

Nick 23-09-2011 18:30

Is anyone bothered ???!!!!

It's a Lidl's for goodness sake..........

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