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eleanor 26-09-2011 10:45

Well said Fil - totally agree!

joelise80 26-09-2011 16:09

I must say when I was driving out of the Eroski car park last week I noticed the builders working ;) and then realised it was the new Lidl I had heard about on here. I am amazed they have been allowed to open there, but how fantastic that at last Eroski have some competiton in the area other than Mercadona in Alcudia (which I don't like) and the new Carrefour express (lovely shiney new store that reminded me of M&S food) in the port of Alcudia. I still miss Caprabo :(

JMD40 27-09-2011 12:11

I have only been over to the LIDL in Alcudia a couple of times but it does not seem the place to do the full weekly shop - I found I still prefer the choices and prices of Mercadonna. In Lidl I tend to purchase loads of large bottles of water (only 55c for 5l intstead of about 75c in Eroski), wine, lovely rustic bread, biscuits and juices. I was not very impressed with other products but maybe I will give it another try when the store opens here in Pollensa. The important thing will be the competion for Eroski who have a monopoly and lets hope the store is clean as the large Eroski in PP is a disgrace!!

lollipop 27-09-2011 13:21

JMD40, I agree you cannot do a full shop but as you say they do have some good things. My best recent purchase was frozen fruit, mixed berries and raspberry's. Don't find that very often. I also think the english bacon is a really good price.

roig cat 27-09-2011 18:33

Their Greek yoghurt is yummy, comes in 1kg buckets. Cant wait to eat Greek yoghurt in Spain, how continental. X

Sparky 03-10-2011 12:56

Mr Sparky has just driven past the new Lidl store and he says the shelves are being stocked up and the trollies are lined up outside so it looks like opening any day now ;).

Nick 03-10-2011 14:46

Will there be a "VIP" opening night ?!

Sparky 03-10-2011 15:08

Yes Nick apparently the guest list is the same one "Cappuccino Gran Cafe" used for their grand opening :rolleyes:.

fil6699 03-10-2011 19:44

hmmmm what month is it aaa yes October and the winner of when will Lidle open is :):):)

fil6699 03-10-2011 19:45

ooops almost forgot I TOLD YOU SO lol

eleanor 03-10-2011 20:05

Stop it fil - your crystal ball will be steaming up! lol
Not open YET though!!

majprop 04-10-2011 17:43

Just spoken to the manager of the new Lidle, he tells me that they are opening on the 13th of October as long as they do not get any more delays on the ferries, apparently they had problems during August getting their trucks onto the already full ferries.........

JMD40 06-10-2011 13:06

Thanks for the update Majprop, you have contacts in high places. :)
When I was in Barcelona in April I recall seeing hundreds and hundreds of people walking along with little paper carrier bags and could not work it out until we eventually came across a huge stand which was giving them out and it was a couple of free samples and discount vouchers promoting the opening of a new LIDL if I remember rightly...... so watch out ... maybe it will be free Bu˝uelos (hot donuts) which are popular during the Fiesta day of 12th october. The store looks fully stocked so surprised that the grand opening is still another week away..... maybe..... Subject to ferries etc.

majprop 07-10-2011 11:33

Yes JMD40 I must admit it suprised me that the opening is still a week away, I don't think I have ever seen a place stocked like it is and not be open ??

sws97sdg 07-10-2011 11:38

I am not surprised there are always last minute hold ups, this delay must make it close to the 4 - 6 weeks I suggested earlier, maybe I will be right after all :p ;)

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