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murrayobrien 17-03-2008 17:49

Coeliac (gluten free) food

Can anyone advise if there's a good range of coeliac / gluten free food available in PP and where the best places are to buy it. Have posted a similar request in the eat out section but all info appreciated. Can bring a stock but it would be much easier to know that we can get it there.

Thanks a mil. :)

pollensa 17-03-2008 18:51


Caprabo has a special section called 'dietetica'. If your Spanish is OK, have a look at their online shop http://www.capraboacasa.com/

I had a look & one example are little cakes:

"Magdalenas maiz sin gluten Diet-Radisson 190 g."

There is a health shop somewhere & also a large Pharmacy.

Hope that helps.

murrayobrien 18-03-2008 12:50

Thanks for that. I'll look it up with spanish dictionary in hand!

If anyone else has info or first hand experience on what's available we'd be delighted to hear it... :)

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