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SamMaddin 01-04-2003 19:16

Weather & Supermarkets
We're planning a stay in Pollensa from the Easter weekend and I've been watching the weather reports with bemusement. Apparently there's a heatwave in Pollensa at the moment and it's much hotter than Palma, is this true? It would be great as the kids will spend most of the week in the pool if true (and it holds out).

Can anyone tell me if there's going to be any supermarkets open on the Sunday (we arrive late on Saturday and will need to get some food in)?

Many thanks 8)

mallorcaboy 02-04-2003 03:05

You should have no problem with supermarkets on Sunday. Even if the smaller ones are not open, which I am sure they will be, Caprabo, on the left as you enter the Port, and Syp on the Pollensa road will definitly be open from 10.00
Have a great time:D

mallorcaboy 02-04-2003 03:08

Sorry, just remembered you said Easter weekend, which may put a different slant on the openings. Hope you find something. Worst that could happen would be that you would have to eat out all the time. OH NO!!!!:rollin

ann 06-04-2003 05:58

Depending how late you arrive on the Saturday you may still find the big chain supermarkets open, but if not the smaller Spar supermarkets down by the Hotel Pollensa Park will be open. Most supermarkets will be open on the Sunday morning, too.
Weather is rather strange at moment, but long range prediction is good for Easter

SamMaddin 08-04-2003 17:39

Re: supermarkets

We'll definately be arriving too late for the Caprabo and others, we'll have to bring some stuff for the first breakfast and head out early for a shop. Thanks for your reply.

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