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courseyecan 14-05-2006 16:57

Full fat milk
Can anyone tell us what we should be looking for if we want full fat milk in the supermarkets. We are taking a young baby with us who loves her milk.

many Thansk

Sazzle 14-05-2006 16:58

We usually get cartons of fresh milk from the fridge at the Caprabo or SYP supermarkets without any problem. They stock just about everything you need for a baby.

If I had any complaint it would be that nappies were expensive and whenever we needed to buy them they only sold huge packs.

Hope you have a lovely time.

pollensa 14-05-2006 19:35

I'm pretty sure that the labels on the milk 'leche' are in English for some reason - so you'll have no problem in recognising it. The only thing that we've found is that Caprabo tend to run out of fresh milk on changeover days (Sats) so you may have look around. I think that the British Food Shop sell a UK make (Craven?).

If you need it the Spanish terms are:

leche entera - full-fat milk
leche semidesnatada - semi-skimmed milk

leche fresca - fresh milk

courseyecan 16-05-2006 17:44

Thanks very much for that, much appreciated. Roll on the 20th

med777 30-05-2006 06:21

was making beef stoganoff for my dinner this evening and had to improvise with freah cream and lemon juice....anyone know the spanish for soured cream ?...and also if is it available in PP


pollensa 30-05-2006 06:40

As I'm in the UK I don't know if you can get it in PP but it appears to be 'crema agria' in Spanish.

My big Spanish dictionary is at work (the pp.com office) so I googled it & found this great dictionary web site www.wordreference.com/ - I know I'm sad but this is great!

pollensa 30-05-2006 06:55

Sour cream can also be called 'nata' agria & you may find a German make in Caprabo called ROTTALER - Sauerrahm (German for sour cream!).

Even sadder...

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