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sbwtiger 16-08-2006 02:38

Camper shoes
Does anyone know if the Camper shoe factory in Inca has an outlet type shop. I have seen the post further back on the board but this is from a couple of years ago.
Thanks in advance and maybe see you on Saturday.

Sara4 16-08-2006 19:51

Yes it does - I went to it last week.

Off the motorway take the Inca turning and keep following the Inca signs. Don't actually go into the town centre, you almost go on the outskirts as if you are going out of Inca. You will actually pass the factory on your right. At the the next roundabout there is a BP garage - take the first exit (so the garage is on your right). Go straight ahead and you will see a sign off to the right - just keep following the signs and it is a few minutes from there.

Just thought - are you in a car??

If it is using the bus - then I am not sure how you would get there as I don't know where they stop in Inca, etc..

The shop was great but obviously it is a sale shop so you take pot luck. I saw some fab boots that were reduced from 199 euros to 119 but they were too small - damn!!

Seemed to be a bit of an extra sale too as they was an additional 20% off some prices.

I really tried to buy but came away empty handed!

sbwtiger 17-08-2006 02:24

Sorry to read you couldn't get anything Sara. I probably will be on the bus or even cycling so any more advice will be much appreciated.

smiddy 17-08-2006 03:56

Camper Shoes
Yes, have been to the shop in Inca many times over the years! As you say, can be a bit pot-luck, still that hasn't stopped me having a wardrobe full of them :lol Check the prices then think about what it would cost you back in the UK, although you won't get the latest models.

They also have a outlet shop in the Festival Park just outside Palma, same prices and if they don't have your size they will phone Inca and if they have them in stock, they will keep you a pair which you can pick-up on the road back to PP.

Fantastic Footwear! (God, i sound like a woman)

Sara4 18-08-2006 19:11

Re: Camper Shoes
Incredible to hear a man talking about shoes in such a way!!

Although I have to say that my dad bought the most pairs of shoes on holiday this year - 4 I think it was! I didn't even manage one pair, which is shocking!

smiddy 19-08-2006 03:51

Camper Shoes
Sara, You know what they say, "You can never have enough shoes".:lol Anyway what are us men supposed to do? Walk about on our bare feet:lol

Jimbo the Jambo 19-08-2006 04:04

Re: Camper Shoes

Sandels and socks up to you knees! Works for me..


smiddy 19-08-2006 21:22

Camper Shoes

Thanks for the graphic description, i have now informed the PP fashion police. Expect to be "lifted" on your next visit:hat

Jimbo the Jambo 20-08-2006 04:02

Re: Camper Shoes

Thanks for your "support". Just back from ibrox, grrrrrrrrrrr.
That said, it was the best game in years, if one can close one's ears!!!!



pollensa 20-08-2006 17:43

Re: Camper Shoes
Ok guys. This is now WAY off topic - please carry on in the Happy Hour & I'll close this topic!

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