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frito 31-05-2007 06:32

MIR (Mr. Chuckles)
I think we are about to experience the end of an era in Puerto Pollensa!
A friend phoned tonight and said that there are notices in the window of Mir indicating that they are closing down, "liquidation total", and that there are "lots of bargains".
I'm not going to tell you again that we call the owner "Chuckles", and how the Queen of Spain shopped there and he didn't notice it was her.
I'm simply going to bed, to get an early night, and turn up outside Mir at a ridiculously early hour to see what constitutes "a bargain."

I feel a strange sort of attachment to the place. I don't know why. Actually I do!!!!!! He's supplied all my scotch since I arrived in Puerto Pollensa, so I have made a very, very significant contribution to what I honestly hope will be a long and happy retirement.
No matter what I buy, or don't buy tomorrow....I'm aiming for a smile from him, and a conversation, in English, which I now now know he speaks reasonably well.


snowy2007 31-05-2007 13:45

Please don't hold your breath, did I just see a pink elephant go over.

:\ :\ :eek :eek

allanglens 31-05-2007 16:18

The end of an era indeed!

So that will be another block of apartments going up, with a fast food restaurant on the ground floor, then?


pollensaman 31-05-2007 17:04

Donīt worry local rumour is that it is going to be a Bank.

Cheers PM.

frito 31-05-2007 22:00

The end of an era!
Went down this morning.
Not the usual display outside. ("Maybe later")
Talked with Mr. Chuckles, got a smile!
He is closing! ("Probably October.")

The end of an era!


P.S. My scotch was still the same price!!!

Lala70w 01-06-2007 03:01

Re: The end of an era!
LOL! I just cannot believe that Mr Chuckles speaks english. I thought he didn't speak spanish either! He usually just grunts or waves his hand dismissively. A smile? You must have imagined it Frito! Maybe he had wind - or is that just babies?

Seriously though - this is sad news indeed. Mir was always cheaper for booze than Dover (you know on the old Formentor Road) I'll now have to go all the way along to the supermarket next to RAF.

First tango, then the nice haberdashery in the square, the plane on the roundabout AND now MIR? I wonder if there will be anything I recognise at all when I get to PP in 4 weeks time! :(

JH02JLH 01-06-2007 19:43

Re: The end of an era!
I have to add my feelings of disappointment that Mir is closing. I used to love to have a nose around the (very warm) top floor and marvel at the old bottles of wine up there. It's one of PP's institutions and we often bought wine or spirits there.



Quelys 01-06-2007 23:25

Can't beleive I'm admitting this but a couple of months ago I went to MIR to buy a couple of bottles of heirbas (on the top floor) and I slipped on the stairs coming down with a bottle in each hand. One went flying and smashed next to the till and I was a bit shaken up and bruised. 'Mr Chuckles' was slightly concerned and asked me if I was ok, looked at the mess, then at my shoes and said 'not like you're wearing heels'. He told me not to worry and to get another bottle and I fell on my bottom yet again whilst coming down and on the same step!! This time I saw a smile and a discount!!!

Lala70w 02-06-2007 02:21

Thanks for the tip - need to try that! Not for the discount - to see the smile!! ;)

Jimbo the Jambo 03-06-2007 02:50

Re: The end of an era!

Again, spot on. When we first visited PP, I could not believe the alladins cave that was Mir.

Great bargins etc because the miser**** old **t could not be bothered to up-date etc.

I believe he is quite a rich property investor/owner in the area.

If that's what it takes..I ain't interested.

p.s. the storey of the Queen, is, I believe true from a very trusted scource, third in the check out line that day.



MrRed99 06-06-2007 22:16

I have been to PP 4 times now and never been there !!!

Is he still there?

Can anyone give me directions and what sort of things does he sell??


JH02JLH 06-06-2007 23:35

The shop is on the left hand side of the street, just before you reach the marina roundabout in PP.

It's an Aladdin's cave of groceries, spirits, wines, confectionery, etc. There are several floors and the topmost one can get very warm but has an interesting collection of wines and spirits. The stairs can be very steep!

I've never known so much stuff crammed into one shop!


snowy2007 07-06-2007 05:48

:eek I think we should have a Thank you Mr Chuckles topic after all hes been good fun to talk about.
Mr Chuckles I am out in July a Malt will go down very nicly


:lol :lol :lol ;) ;)

smiddy 08-06-2007 00:54

Mr Chuckles
We always had to take note of the advertised price in thw window as you could be sure by the time you got to the till he had "forgot" about the discount. Sad to see him go, the fact that it may turn out to be another bank does not fill me with joy. (I'm sure McDonalds must be frothing at the mouth at the idea of a site like this, after the debacle of the American burger bar along the pine walk, nothing would surprise me)

frito 10-06-2007 05:24

Re: Mr Chuckles
The word on the street is that the bank is Barclays.



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