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terryw 16-07-2008 13:00

Some new photos
If anyone is interested, I've posted a few photos of our visit to Puerto Pollensa last Week

Available through my Flickr photostream

....or the Polensa Forum group


Cocoa07 16-07-2008 14:10

Just been looking at the new pics - they are great and there are some fabulous older ones? Are you a photographer by trade?

terryw 16-07-2008 14:45

Thanks Cocoa07, but no just an enthusiatic amateur. Interestingly this forum has done much for igniting my interest, as I had never heard of Flickr until the pollensa forum group was set up.
I find that photography adds a whole new dimension to my PP holidays these days, I particularly like catching first light along the pine walk.
Oh to be able to spend more time there :)

Mark 16-07-2008 15:22

Excellent photos :)

Makes me realize how much I need a holiday. ( only about 9 weeks to go...)


JH02JLH 16-07-2008 15:57

I've always thought your photos were stunning, terry. The resort looks gorgeous through your lens!


wease 17-07-2008 10:12

What wonderful pics of pp this is why people should visit absolutely stunning

sws97sdg 17-07-2008 10:19

Hi wease welcome to the forum, fancy meeting you here. Yes great pics terry, feel inspired to try out my new camera next week now, sure they wont be up to your standards :)

Sparky 17-07-2008 10:33

Hey Wease you finally made it, welcome to the PP forum.:cool:
Terry those pics were fantastic thank-you for sharing them with us.:D

paullewis1963 17-07-2008 12:46

Just found and joined the forum today. Arrive in pp on Saturday for the annual holiday 12 straight years now. Your excellent photos are a credit to you and the beauty of pp. Keep up the good work. I'm afraid mine will be a few holiday snaps but memories all the same. Do you happen to know of a camera that will take fool proof pictures after a wonderful evening eating and drinking in PP, maybe I one less bottle of wine would help.

jiggggy 19-07-2008 02:38

great pics , Terry. i'm gonna have to use mine a bit more. Do you use HDR on your photo's?

terryw 19-07-2008 09:12

Thanks everyone

Jiggy, yes, I tend to use photomatix to generate HDR images.

jiggggy 19-07-2008 14:46

Arhh, i've been looking at Photomatix myself! is it easy to use? ive seen it for about 80 on the net. The new Paint Shop Pro X2 uses HDR as well, but it doesnt get as good as review.

terryw 19-07-2008 15:52

Very easy to use and great fun.
I would have a hunt around though because I seem to recall getting it for a bit less than that. There seems to be a lot of places offering 15% discount codes


shotokan 30-07-2008 20:24

Absolutely stunning Terry..all the family "ooo-ing" at them as we pack!!
Thanks for taking the trouble mate...

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