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JH02JLH 28-09-2005 00:04

"Personal" photos on Flickr.
Last night, after my weekend away, I uploaded some photos of Northumberland onto my personal page on Flickr.

Obviously I wouldn't send them to the Pollensa group page, but I thought it would be nice for members to see photos other than those of Pollensa. It would hopefully give my contacts on the site a little more detail about my life and what I like to do!

I hope other members do the same as I would love to see different photos of places or people.


PS - Could I also ask for members to take a deep breath and allow us to see your own photo? After all, the site is private so only invited members can see the photos. What about it, hey??? With all the meetings going on, most of us know what each other look like anyway!

pollensa 28-09-2005 03:11

I think that if you select members of the group to be your contacts then they automatically have access to your 'photo stream'. If your photos are 'public' I shoukd think that anyone has.

I've uploaded some family photos to mine so I kept them as family only since I don't expect a 2 year old's family tea is of much interest to anyone else - yawn yawn - just wait till my dad uploads the latest cruise photos...

robjay 29-09-2005 16:53

Get Your Face In Place
I agree with Jane & Pollensa. I'll be adding some photographs which are not from puerto Pollensa or my beloved mountains:lol . But how many treking photographs can you folks stomach?:rollin . I live in what I believe is the best kept secret in the world. The Scottish borders/ Nortumberland Border is without doubt the most beautiful part of the UK. So look out for my photographs from there;) .

I too would like toy see more members posting their own faces in place of that horriable grey face one flickr provide. As Jane says It's a private place and most of us members can be seen in photographs already on the forum. So stop being shy and get your face in place;) .

I for one love looking at other members photographs and yes Jane it does give you an insight into who the other members are and their interests.

I also like reading what other people say about the photograph. so please feel free to add nice comments to any picture you really like.

Take Care.


Linzzzz 30-09-2005 06:23

Re: Get Your Face In Place
OK I posted some piccies for y'all and even took the plunge & posted some of lil 'ol me so you can see wot I look like :eek
No laughing now..... :b

JH02JLH 30-09-2005 06:29

Re: Get Your Face In Place
I'm going to go and have a look now, Linzzzz.

But I thought you were a Clanger?:eek


HikerBiker 06-12-2005 01:17

Re: Get Your Face In Place
Jane, as long as we're not seeing anyone's private jacuzzi/hot tub photos ;)

HikerBiker 06-12-2005 01:59

Re: Get Your Face In Place
Unless, of course, the jacuzzi is in PP or surrounding areas :D

JH02JLH 29-12-2005 06:21

Re: Get Your Face In Place
Tonight I uploaded some more personal photos onto Flickr, taken today with my Christmas present - a new digital camera.

I would love to see more personal photos on there and not just of PP and Mallorca.


its cd 01-01-2006 03:38

Fantastic photos Jane

suprisingly we have had no snow which is quite unusual, we are normally just about close enough to the peak district to get some snow wheras relatives who are only 8 miles North west of us hardly ever see any.

Have a great New year and don;t forget the grapes ...... we shall be eating ours at 11pm to co incide with the folks inPollensa Square

Oh how i wish I were there !

JH02JLH 01-01-2006 04:18

Re: photos
Hi cd!

I'm glad you liked my pics. I just couldn't resist as it is so rare here to have snow. But I must say, having Picasa installed (free) is great. It can make "OK" photos so much better!

A happy New Year to you and your family - this year I won't be eating 12 grapes as last year I almost choked!

Talk soon
Jane :D

jiggy 04-01-2006 11:32

Re: photos
Hi jane
great photos, what lovely countryside you live near.
i shall have to post some pics of liverpool on flickr,
watch this space!

jiggy 01-02-2006 00:19

Re: photos
Thats it, i,ve just uploaded some of my photos, on my personel page (not the group pool as they,re not in PP)
in Flickr.

Hope you like them.


JH02JLH 01-02-2006 00:44

Re: photos
Hi jiggy!

Loved the pics - thought they were great!

Chat soon


jiggy 01-09-2006 23:04

I've just uploaded some of my Lake District pics to Flickr. Not in the PP group of course. They are nearly all landscape pics, and one of Buster!

salhal 02-09-2006 02:28

Its so nice to put faces to names. I was really brave and posted one of me in bikini top and sarong!!!!! Left out the one of me asleep dribbling on a lilo that my hubby took. Am not that brave!


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