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pollensa 22-09-2005 05:05

How to join the Pollensa Forum Group at Flickr
As this group is currently private, you need to be Invited to join. If you would like to join please send me a PM (Private Message) with your email address and Full Name in it (please don't post email address - you'll get spam!).

You will then receive an invitation to join Flickr & the group. If you already have a Yahoo id, you can signon with this - otherwise I'm afraid you will need to sign up to Yahoo. You are then asked to create a 'screen name' in Flickr. Please use your FORUM ID for this so we know who you are.

There is plenty of help on uploading photos etc. but if you get stuck, ask in this forum.

How do I share a photo with a group I belong to?
Easy! If you belong to the group, just add your photo to the group pool (if not, join the group first).

The easiest way is to go to the photo's page, and click on the "Send to Group" button on the left side. Click that, then choose the group you want to send it to, and you're done!

If you have more than one photo you want to add, the best way is to use Organizr. When the Organizr loads, you'll see a 'Your groups' tab on the right-hand panel. Find the photos you want to add, and drag them onto the group!

Once a photo is in a group pool, only you and the group adminstrators can remove it.

Do try & label your photos so we know where they are.

Good Luck & Have fun!

carlwood 05-10-2005 21:14

Please copuld you invite me to join the Flickr Group as I will be visiting PP next week and would like to view pics of the area and may also contribute after my visit.


pollensa 05-10-2005 21:53

Please follow the instructions above & send either Rob or myself an ezboard message with your email address. Thank you.

sylvia 26-10-2005 18:50

Please could you invite me to join Flickr, my e mail address is
(email address removed)

Thank you very much


pollensa 26-10-2005 18:51


I have sent you an invite.

In future please would forum members send a message to my ezinbox. Please do NOT post email addresses here - you will only get a load of spam!


sylvia 26-10-2005 18:56

Im sorry, my mistake I thought that was what I was doing till I saw my reply, still havent worked out ezboards.

Thank you

billtosh 15-11-2005 23:19

Pollensa, can you send me an invite?

ignore me: I've sent it properly this time (I hope)

graham 23-01-2006 07:12

Sorry, being stupid - but how do I communicate via EZinbox rather than e mail??????


JH02JLH 23-01-2006 07:52

Re: flickr
HI Graham!

Don't apologise!

To send someone an EZ inbox message, click onto their user name and then click onto "Send me a Message!"

Just type in the normal way with a subject line and then the message. Click onto send message at the end and hey presto! It's done!

Hope this helps,
Jane :D

Belladonna 25-01-2006 20:51

Re: flickr HELP!
I seem to be shut out of flickr! And I cant remember any of my passwords etc and if i start all over again Ill lose my photos and as you will remember I had a hell of job sorting it all out in the first place - ROB, JANE, SNOWY infact ANYONE please help me out - again!!!:eek

ok panic over! Have resubmitted everything and am back on track - only did it to see Chris' photos!! Good ones too!! :o

jamierun26 11-03-2006 08:12

Please could you invite me to join the Flickr Group

pollensa 12-03-2006 01:51

Please see instructions above. To receive an invite you need to send an ezboard message to either Robjay or myself giving us your Email address.

Thanks webmaster

anglerman 12-04-2006 23:41

Hi, I'm fairly computer literate and have loads of photo's of Pollenca to share, but it's understandable when people seem to be getting frustrated when asked to follow the instructions on how to join via Eziboard???????? Obviously the instructions need ammending in order to facilitate their requests to join.....p.s I'd love to join to......Help please....many thanks.

DBrett 04-07-2006 00:47

Hello there
I've got a few pictures especially from the siller pass if interested

jiggy 04-07-2006 14:14

Hi DBrett & anglerman
I for one would love to see your photos of PP.
To join Flickr, you have to be invited, so click on Pollensa's name in the message 3 posts up, this will take you to her profile. Click on 'send me a message' on the right hand isde, and then ask for an invite! dont forget to add your email address so she can reply to you. then all you have to do is follow the instructions at the top of this page,
good luck

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