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Stevo66 21-07-2011 18:46

Los Zarzales Practical Workshop
Mrs.Stevo66 tells me that she has had an interesting day today.Advertised from 10.00am to 12.00 noon but actually finishing at 1.45pm she attended a workshop of traditional cooking at Restaurant Zarzales given by chef Cristian Escolar.
She was joined by four other people,all of whom happened to be men who were all very good company.The demonstrations were very interesting and informative and under Cristian's guidance they then each cooked the dishes themselves.The mixed paella and black tumbet were delicious and she hopes to make both dishes for many years to come.
She wishes to pass on her thanks to all of Cristian's helpers,having had an enjoyable experience.

Sparky 21-07-2011 19:24

I am glad she enjoyed it Stevo, she was talking to me about it on Sunday evening :D

debz1 21-07-2011 19:40

Stevo I'm very jealous of your wife.. I would have loved to have gone to that!

Sparky 21-07-2011 19:43

Debz, it was late and in Nostalgia but i am sure she said they were going to do more through the season.:)

Belladonna 21-07-2011 20:33

We can book for September Debs - Ill learn the salad!:rolleyes:

debz1 21-07-2011 20:57

Perfecto :D

Yolanda, if you are reading this PLEASE do one in September!

sws97sdg 21-07-2011 21:14

Yes please do one in September, I will go as well :)

Belladonna 21-07-2011 22:05

Group cooking session! Love it!:D

usandthewoof 22-07-2011 18:50

And count me in for September - IŽll pour the wine !!! :D

Sparky 22-07-2011 19:25


Originally Posted by usandthewoof (Post 62161)
And count me in for September - IŽll pour the wine !!! :D

Lol!! UATW, you pour it and i will drink it ;);).

Pretty Polle 22-07-2011 20:39

reminded me of this I came across the other day...

Los Zarzales - Christian Escolar

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