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bluestar 23-05-2010 16:41

Just Back
Just back from a lovely week in Puerto Pollenca - Im a bit of a daily lurker on this site but thouht I would give a bit of a review of our week.
Arrived on Sat and found a very chilly and dull day, I was very worried as the last time we visited 2 yeras ago we were unlucky with the weather too!! Shouldnt of worried - we had a fantastic week of sunny bright weather with a gentle breeze.
Hired a car for the first time to drive ourselves up to our apartment (the Playa Mar) Hired through Hiper Car and must say how efficiant they were, bussing us staright to their office and completing the paperwork in about 20 mins!
Took our tom tom but managed to find all the right roads and found ourselves at our destination in about 50mins.
Ate out about 4 nights - meals included a lovely meal at the Indan in the square 73 euros for a family of four which inluded a 11 and 12 year old which was a bit more than we would pay over here but the lamb korma and chicken tikka were outstanding.
We must mention the Cod father and the lovely waitress who works there (sorry I didnt know your name) but she was really lovely and even gave me some aftersun as I had overdone it during the day! and the food was lovely.
Had our usual excellent evening at Nico's (our sons birthday) and was made a fuss of by Marcos who the kids love!
Enjoyed a fab afternoon and picnic at Formentor beach but glad we took supplies as 3.20 euros for a magnum ice cream lolly was a bit steep - called in at the supermarket on the way back and bought 10 mini ones for 4 euros!!
The general ambience of the place was much quieter than usual - sad to see some resturants empty and obviously struggling. Overheard someone in the pharmacy saying how he didnt know how some buisnesses would survive on what would probably be a 3 month season!
The place has so much natural beauty but little things could be improved - the dog mess on the pine walk for one, something so simple but really off putting on your evening stroll.
The Play Mar continues to offer good all round family accomodation and in May suits our needs perfectly.
Was sad to hand the hire car back on Sat am and wished we had managed 2 weeks instead of 1 but hey ho at least we have come back to suuny England where I can enjoy sitting in the garden looking at the lovely Puerto Pollenca photos and trying to keep my tan!
To everyone who has their holiday ahead of them - enjoy and those who live there- lucky you :) :)

Rab 23-05-2010 19:30

Great stuff. Thanks.

Im sure the place is really bubblin up just now and the summer season will be OK.

susiejb 23-05-2010 20:14

Lovely review.......two weeks tomorrow and we will be there.......am I counting the days .....you bet I am !

Belladonna 23-05-2010 20:20

Good review, thanks for adding to the anticipation for a great summer ahead!
Susie, did you manage your swap?

susiejb 23-05-2010 20:29

Nooooo Bella unfortunately not no one facied Newquay, although it is just glorious here at the moment - watching unbelievable sunsets over the sea from my louge window.......

But you know how it is.......I just have to have my Pine Walk fix. I asked hubby about a holiday while he was watching Birmingham City play Aston Villa......he answered yes to everything .......it was booked before the end of the match. .....lol

Belladonna 23-05-2010 20:31

LOL! Brilliant ! Try and see if it works for September too. Have a great break Susie, love to hubby too.

sleepyboaby 24-05-2010 13:40

Great Review Bluestar.Did you take the ferry over to Formentor beach and was it busy?We are going to do the same when we are over.

Disorderly 24-05-2010 19:56

Thanks for the review Bluestar. We were out two weeks ago and I honestly thought that the pavements were cleaner and generally less dog mess about.

Anyway, it's such a great place and I look forward to two weeks in July/August.


Nick 26-05-2010 17:21

Nah, obviously varies but just got back after 8 days and dog mess is DEFINITELY worse. Never used to see it on the Pine Walk but several lots there now. The street cleaners don't clean it up for whatever reason? Needs to get sorted.

bluestar 26-05-2010 17:58

Slepyboaby - we drove there as we had a hire car - think OH secretly LOVES the hairpins!!
Also we like to go a bit later in the afternoon when is is nice and quiet although in May I think its not too busy at any time of the day which is just how we like it:)

Rosiegirl 26-05-2010 19:49

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. 2 weeks on Saturday and I will be there. 1st time in 4 years! - can' wait:)

mwc 04-06-2010 13:39

Annoyed to hear the dog mess situation is getting worse. I posted about this after we got back from last years visit as it was getting worse then. See what the situation is when we visit again in a couple of months, but must say if it is a lot worse than last year it could be a major factor in our future visits.

Nick 04-06-2010 13:57

Mind you, I would not let a bit of dog mess put me off going to PP !!!!

favie 04-06-2010 14:01

Not long back after three weeks and I did a lot of walking this year, up back streets and down side streets searching out restaurants, certain supermarket etc that I wanted to find and also I wanted to get a real feel of the complete area this year, my walk from Bellresguard to Tango's,(Wonderful!!) my numerous walks along the pinewalk. I needn't have worried about poo-poos and the general decline of the area that I have been reading about - the place is still FANTASTIC!!

Sparky 04-06-2010 15:55

Favie, i am so pleased to read your post, PP is STILL wonderful despite all the negatives.

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