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BonysLad 24-03-2010 10:45

Very Sad News
I am sure many of you will be very sad to hear that Dear Mercedes from the Cultural Bar passed away on Monday morning. She was an absolute piller of the local community and very supportive of the ex pat community in PP allowing various groups to use the Bar Cultural for worthy fundraising . She also loved to help out with the props, often making and decorating them herself.

Her funeral was last evening in Sa Pobla. I'm sure many of you will join me in sending condolencies to Manola and her three lovely children.

A little piece of PP has died with her sad passing.


snowy2007 24-03-2010 11:06

Our best wishes to her family, as you say yet another little bit of PP has gone.

Nick 24-03-2010 12:20

I didn't know the lady or the bar that well but yes, any local giving support and friendship to the ex-pat community would be sorely missed I agree.

Great shame.

Portofan 24-03-2010 13:15

Sorry to hear your news BL.

Think I remember the lady, seeing her behind the bar inside.

And Manolo of course too, many a drink served by himself.

Sad day.

lollipop 24-03-2010 17:17

Yes BL definitely will be missed. A very brave lady who has coped with her long illness with a smile and I know the ex pat community would have been represented at Sa Pobla.

lollipop 10-04-2010 18:42

A Memorial Service for Mercedes was held today ,requested by family and friends of Mercedes but for the ex pat community as well. The service was taken by the stand -in Vicar of St Andrews, and the Music Makers and one of Mercedes friends sang including You'll Never Walk Alone, with Marcel ending the service with a rendition of Unforgettable. Needless to say the church was full.

BonysLad 10-04-2010 18:56


That's so good to hear , expect the church was packed because Mercedes was loved by all who knew her. Sounds like a truly deserved tribute to her and glad the ex pats turned out in force.

Back next week, so see you soon in the sunshine !!!

BonysLad :):)

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